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Discussion in 'Commercial & Civilian Vehicles' started by Master-Bruce, May 13, 2008.

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    Yes.... =X
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    Hey Skip

    Any Batman model is a good model to build. Any Batman models you design are on my list to build movie, TV, or Cartoon. Great work on the Bumblebee Camaro. How about a model of the Ford POS from the first Men in Black Movie. You could do both versions or a transform model that changes from the original sedan to the tunnel version with the huge engine in the back.
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    Thanks Clif!!! I'm happy with it, really pleased. That model will be freely available shortly. ;)

    Yeah, you know I like Batman vehicles so I'd like to do a few at some point.

    Though for now I think I'm going to stick with the Transformers theme(the movie). I've had a breakthrough for meshes yesterday so I thought, "Why not?"

    Plus trying to decide out of all the subjects that have been suggested here is really hard. There have been some really great cars mentioned!
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    That IS cool! I've not seen that movie so I'd not seen the limo before. Thanks SJ. :D
  6. all those cars can be created? right? i mean all of you can build your own idears with all those images. i like to see a lamborghini that's my #1 exotic dream car no matter what type it is i did a purple lamborghini concept s but it was a faluer i did it all wrong this body was not in porshion it was not right at all so i gave it up people didn't like it so i tryed to do it again in white and did not look good at all so i can even share it with you because you may not like it too. as for the i robot the rsq i don't know if that will be a sucess either?
    i'm tyring the cars movie lighting McQueen and i'm not even shore that will be great looking car either.
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    I just love your sense of humor.

    Please do share. We put men on the moon through international cooperation - and of course mistakes were made.
    What would have happened if we left it entirely to the rocket scientists?

    Hey guys, the moon's the other direction!

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    Papermodelfan, you are waaaay too modest.

    There's a lot there to like, and I like!:thumb::thumb::thumb:
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    Don't give up buddy. No-one gets it right first time EVERYtime. ;) Find the technique that suits you best and refine it and practice it until you are happy with what you've done.

    That's how learning is done and how most of us learned to do it. :D
  10. ok? thanks. i need to to know how do you post images in this form.
    any idears?! but i need to tell you i draw this by hand not by computer i use real images hand draw them and scan them in my computer then clean first.
    then i color them with paint shop pro x it's a soft ware i use to do the coloring and cleaning my models to look like a pro's work if you know what i mean?
  11. Master-Bruce

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    I follow. I use a 3D program, doing it by hand is alien to me. I'd be lost without 3D software. LOL! Though I think you guys who DO do it by hand are amazing! It takes much more effort and thought I think to do papermodels by hand and mathematics.
  12. i have an exclusive! called the cadillac sixteen a concept car hard to build challange. inclueds interior dashboard steering wheel seats motor engines
    opening doors hood and trunk made of cardstock no metal hook no plastic hinges not even wood just a test of paper technology i'm about to take
    if sucessfull then i will be taking request. oh? did i menchen movablie steering wheel and front wheels left to right and back wheels allso the model will be in 1/12 scale big and a challange. all so full color instuctions how to do and build your very own concept car the cadillac sixteen 2003 prototype paper model. warning: it may take about a month to build add least take your time don't rush it because it will be fun to build and it's free ware so don't worry about pay i'm not asking for any donation no i don't but thank's anyway.
    i all ready have 7 sheets done a lot more to go i'll let you know about up dates as soon it is ready for windows i will use see thou plastic.
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    Since trucks made it into this thread I'm surprised no one mentioned the tanker truck in Spielberg's "Duel". Photos from Duel

    For a motorcycle I'd suggest the winged Yamahas the Flying Monkeys rode in the 1978 movie "The Wiz". Did a quick search but came up empty on pics.
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    The Duel should be ... well a duel release both car and truck.

    It should be a diorama.
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    Does anyone know where I can get a decent Lighting McQueen' apart from the ordinary one that Disney produces. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Elliott

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    Absolutely. Thanks for the correction Steve0!
  18. N Gauger

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    Yes!! The Wraith! :D Cool car.... I'd like to see what someone would do with the engine compartment on a card model :D

    No one here mentions Death Race 2000.. :D :D Some really great model possibilities there .. Munster Coach has my vote too!!! sign1

    Death Race 2000 link "Death Race 2000, 1975": cars, bikes, trucks and other vehicles
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    Oh yes!
    It's listed here under 'D' for 'death'.
    Car Stars of Film

    Possibilities for a die - o - rama. :twisted:

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