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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by jmurphy148, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. jmurphy148

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    I have another topic I would like to hear some comment on. I'm building a layout I found on another forum. As suggested, I have a piece of 3/4" insulating foam mounted on a 36" door which I cut down to 60" for a 3 ft by 5 ft bench. Someone suggested using hot glue to mount the roadbed to the foam and to use CA to mount the track on the roadbed. I wonder what folks who know a whole lot more than I do think of this idea.
  2. PWRR-2207

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    Attaching stuff..

    The hot glue has worked great for me:

    - plywood and wood--> foam
    - foam --> foam
    - cork --> foam

    but I would be hesitant about using CA if it cannot get air to dry or if one of the surfaces is too porous for it to get enough of a grip. Plus it is more expensive than the other things I have used.

    Besides track nails (or small brads) to attach track, I have successfully used (in order of longest to least working/drying time):

    - Carpenters Glue (cork roadbed --> track),
    - Elmer's White Glue (cork roadbed --> track),
    - Contact Cement, and
    - Liquid Nails for Small Projects.

    The Contact Cement and Liquid Nails just need clean surfaces (no loose stuff) so they may be a better choice but you need decent ventilation in the room with those two products.
  3. steamhead

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    I use Liquid Nails for Projects for gluing foam and latex caulk, the kind that dries transparent, for laying track. You can get both of these at your local HD store.
    I would NEVER use CA for anything that requires more than a couple of drops to do the job.

    Good Luck on your project..!!
  4. Nomad

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    I have not tried this, but I talked to people who use hot glue for the track to. That way if you need to move the track, you can warm the glue with a blow dryer, reposition the track and the glue will harden again.

  5. mummert

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    When I glued my track down I used regular white elmers glue diluted with a little bit of water. I used a paint brush to put the glue on the road bed then put the track on it. I used some small pins to hold the track down while it dried. Has held so far with no problems. Plus I figure once the ballast is glued on that will be a little extra holding power.
  6. steamhead

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    Mummert...Hopefully when you put your ballast in, the"wet water" that you'll need to soak it won't dissolve the glue holding the track down....With the caulk I use, you can easily remove the track by sliding a spatula underneath and running it down between the track and roadbed.
  7. mummert

    mummert Member

    I had thought about that myself but I have put down small sections of ballast at some of my tunnels and have not noticed any problems. Although to be honest I havent actually checked to see if the track came loose.
  8. nolink5750

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    I used the hot glue gun to attach the track to the roadbed. I used liquid nail to lay the roadbed. The hot glue dries very fast and you have to be precise the first time. I haven't tried that hair blower trick yet. That will be nice if it works. Thanks for the tip Nomad.
  9. Nomad

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    Remember, the idea is just word of mouth. I don't now for sure it works.
    Good luck.

  10. myltlpny

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    The door is a good idea, it's a very rigid framework.
    I used yellow glue to mount my roadbed (in HO) as well as my track. I had read that using yellow or white glue allowed you to reposition the track at a later date if necessary by wetting the glue and letting it soften. I'll be darned if it didn't work like a charm. I had one track that was just a tad too close to another track around a bend. I wet the track, let the glue soften and was able to pry it up and reposition it. Some more white glue to anchor it and away I went.
    I didn't use any nails, just the glue and some masking tape to hold the track in place while it dried.
  11. nolink5750

    nolink5750 Member

    I just tried the hair dryer. Worked like a charm. :thumb:
  12. Nomad

    Nomad Active Member

    That's great:thumb: Sometimes you can believe what you hear.

  13. jmurphy148

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    Many thanks to all who provided me with some great info and ideas.

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