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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by rob164, Feb 29, 2004.

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    I am making an island and it has a large mountain. It is a tropical theme, kind of like hawaii. The mountin is supposed to be kind of like a volcano with tropical jungle like flora. I want the mountain to be a dark volcano like rock color. Does anyone know what kind of paint to use that will simulate this? the layout is foam and looks very rocky. i like the results.

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    Craft stores have a wide selection of acrylic paints in 100's of colors. Just take a picture of what you want and match it up a close as you can and buy some dark and light colors for highlighting and toning. (I like charcoal (color) and antique white for toning). Good luck. FRED
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    I know what look you are after. I havn't tried this formula myself, but this is what I would do and see how it comes out:

    Paint the whole thing flat black.

    Heavily drybrush a very dark maroon.

    Repeat with a slightly different shade, maybe a little lighter, maybe a little more brownish.

    Lightly drybrush dark grey.

    very lightly drybush white or light grey.

    Also, that expanding foam insulation in an aerosol is very pourus when cut. It may be benificial to use this, then cut it, perhaps in isolated areas. Experiment outdoors and off layout with this stuff, it's nasty.

    The volcanic isles are very fertile, and greenery should be quite abundand if it has been very long since hte last eruption.

    Maybe you can find some nice images here:

    or here:

    I don't have a very good picture right now, but the foam reminded me of the lava in the philippines. This image shows it a litle bit, wrong colors and I filled in a lot of the pores with paint, as they were not the desired effect.

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