Mountain painting?

Discussion in 'Weathering Forum' started by Amrap1, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Amrap1

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    I haven't seen a thread on this. I've seen some plain looking mountains/rocks etc and some very cool ones. When I started my first layout I built a mountain and found some spray paints that were two-color. I used grey/white for the foreground and a red/black for the cracks and crevises. After putting in trees and using Woodland's foliage for grass, the mountain looked nice but didn't look real enough now that I have seen better.

    I'm looking for advice on what type paint/stain people use. Did I miss a tutoral on this?

  2. N Gauger

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    I use tans and greens I spray the tan paint on first - then add green until it looks right :)

    Then i add "grass" and brown scenery and bushes if I want to.....

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  3. doctorwayne

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    My "mountains" are meant to be covered in trees and underbrush, so all I used on them was some flat brown interior latex housepaint. I thinned it about 1:1 with plain water, making a wash, then brushed it on with a cheap 2" brush. This was done mainly to kill the "snow effect" of so much bare white plaster under the bright layout room lighting. :D

    If you're making a mountain that will be bare rock faces, I think that washes will be both easier to apply, and give you a better-looking result. For paint, many seem to like water-based craft paints, which can be obtained at reasonable cost.

  4. Nazgul

    Nazgul Active Member's what I did:
    The first 2 colors were done with an airbrush but There's no reason you couldn't use spray paint. First color: flat black.....Second color: dark/med gray or brown....Third color: light gray or brown dabbed on in a radom pattern with a small sea sponge to highlight surface areas.
    Woodland Scenics also makes pigments you thin out and apply in stages as well...check out their site.....hope that helps:thumb:
  5. doctorwayne

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    Great results, Steve!!:thumb: :thumb:

  6. EngineerKyle

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    I mix powdered pigment into my mud before I begin... this helps if it chips in later years... Then, when it's cured, I spray everything with auto primer gray. I may give the terrain a dusting of auto primer "rusty metal" brown where I expect to have more vegetation.

    This module is unfinished and can be removed from the layout and worked on.


    After the flat grays and browns have dried, I switch to latex tan and wash it over everything. I also add a darker brown washed over the vegetation areas. Let the paint flow and puddle on its own. Finally I shake on some WS ground foam. This can be done while the paint is still wet, or the next day if it needs to be more precisely applied. Use some cheap hairspray to first saturate the ground in the areas where you need to add foam in this case.

    Here is the completed look.

  7. Nazgul

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    Wayne...thank you, I appreciate it!!!
    Kyle...Your work is always flat out AWESOME!!
  8. EngineerKyle

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    Thanks for the kind words.... I loved the way you handled the painting of those rock faces. Starting with flat black seemed like a winner!
  9. TomPM

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  10. Amrap1

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    I'm wondering if I'm putting too many outcrops in and not making it smoother. Too much texture makes for harder to make it look real?


    Any art students want to help me learn shades and shadows?

    I can build a mountain, but I haven't learned how to make it look real!
  11. doctorwayne

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    Keep in mind, too, that anywhere there's even a bit of soil, something will grow there. Even if you plan on making your mountains mostly "rock", unless they're very tall, there'll be pockets of vegetation. And the area between the tracks and the mountains would have lots of trees, unless the region has been populated, so your mountains will not likely be totally visible. I think you've got a good start there.
    Tom, your scene is coming along really nicely; the cut by the tunnel mouth looks great, as do the outcroppings in the foreground.

  12. Amrap1

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    Yea.... I know I spent too much time painting the mountain. Most of it won't be seen since I love trees (Super Trees) and alot of greenery. I'm planning on putting alot of trees and grass on it, but want to learn to paint too.

    Footprints in the sands of time.
  13. Amrap1

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    Starting to paint.........


    Trees and grass will be added.

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