Mountain:$25 8' underbase

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    Another mountain receipe:

    The Great stuff is used primarily as the binding agent below. Others have used it to create whole mountains, but that can get rather expensive.

    $21: HDPS 2 sheets (4by8) two inch.
    $4: Great stuff (1/2 can). Remainder used elsewere.
    Foam scraps various sizes saved from past projects for some fill in.
    white glue

    Foam was cut to fit the back side of BlkW-CommuterNW. The first section overhangs the platform by 12 inches (Future structures.) Most of remaining cuts were made using 12 inch wide sections with length adjusted to fit area. I try to leave 6 inches+ level between each 2 inch section of height for future modeling. Trains run at two levels underneath a 6 ft portion of the mountain and that portion is hollow.
    The highest point is 16 inches off the platform (left side) and it tapers to about three inches to the extreme right. The natural terrain of the area I'm modeling tends to be rolling hills so I'm trying to avoid too many extreme vertical cuts. The total length of the mountain is about 8 ft. (Remember the center is 1/2 hollow.

    After cutting and loosely fitting the pieces, I used white glue to create some tackiness and made sure everything fit ok. I then take the great stuff along openings and along seams with the platform to bind the mountain together.
    Trim back any excess near track with simple hacksaw blade after 24 hours.

    bill d
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    For people interested in the combination soft-hard shell I have posted photos of the $25 dollar mountain that has become a $30 buck unit.

    The photo next to BlacklineW-commuterNW is an overview of area.
    The photo next to wall yards shows the foam, tape, great stuff, joint compound-sawdust mix.

    the photo next three48wdiagonal shows the hillside unpainted after covering with joint compound mixture.

    The great stuff serves a dual purpose of binding the foam and acting as boulders once it is painted. Software&scale=O

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