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Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by fimdan, Jan 13, 2006.

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  2. Bowdenja

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    Leif put a motor is his 1/16 scale P-39. I thought that was the coolest thing then, and still do. :grin:

    This will re-new my efforts to achieve this. Hey that could be my New Years resolution (since I did not make one) motorize one of my models.

  3. fimdan

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    What I like in that article is the size of the motor used. With such a small motor one can do lots of interesting things. Rotating props is one thing. What about a mechanizm to move landing gears, flaps etc. Those would be great projects for a gifted individual.

  4. dwgannon

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    The problem I see is keeping them in place. seems like they would then want to fly. Of course I would be like Tim Allen. I would put int largest motor that would fit. :)
  5. Bowdenja

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    Hey Dave,

    Just build the props with no angle and it won't have the "power" to move. But I think it'd be great to pull a gag off with one that was remote controlled and took off "on it's own" so to speak!


    Also you may want to use super glue to give the moving parts a little more strength. No since in have props flying off and banging people in the head:grin:
  6. lizzienewell

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    Hm, maybe if you sacrificed a cell-phone so that you could call the number of the phone and the "buzzer" turned on.
  7. k5083

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    No need to sacrifice a cell phone. Just buy one of those little micro RC cars that go under the name ZipZaps etc. The cars are about an inch long and are powered by those same pager motors. The cheaper Chinese clones can be had for $5 or $10.

    You could easily stuff the motor, receiver, and battery in almost any paper model and use the radio transmitter to turn the prop.

    And sure, why not allow the wheels to rotate and have it trundle along the floor.

  8. 46rob

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    All-Electronics, Inc carries all kinds of odd motors and such. I think I recall seeing themin a past catalog--dirt cheap--like a buck or so.
  9. John Griffin

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    If the 'fly', hang them from the ceiling

    Why not just hang them so that they can fly in a suspended circle like those motorized toy planes? You can use fishing tackle swivel connectors to prevent the line from twisting up.
  10. Bowdenja

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    Cool idea John! Wish I had thought of it!

  11. 46rob

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    I'd probaly need an air traffic control system before I set that one up

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    WOW!!!:-o :rofl:
  13. 46rob

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    John--next time you'redown here, you'll have to swing by and see the other half.

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