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    You know, this is one of those hobbies that you very rarely share with your best friends. So I thought I'd share with you my current motive roster, just because I've been doing some analysis on it. Keep in mind I only began in this hobby in late September (which is perhaps why I haven't met anyone really into the hobby yet either).

    I've sorted them by power/unpower/maintenance, as well as the type of couplers they have at this time.

    Kadee rear, front missing - ATSF #363 (SD40); SOO #730 (GP35)
    Horn hooks - ROCK #643A (E-8A); ROCK #4425 (U36B)

    Horn hooks - ROCK #643B (E-8A); HLCX #2035 (F40PH)
    No Couplers - VIA #6405 (F40PH)

    Kadee rear, front missing - VIA #6404 (F40PH)
    Horn hooks - ROCK #5884 (SD35)

    - dummy locos include those I judged not to be worthwhile fixing, so ungeared them to function as dummies
    - maintenance/non-functional includes those that stutter, and those otherwise not in 100% working order (excluding coupler conversion)
    - locomotives in the process of being repainted/relettered (such as HLCX #2035) included under their "NEW" road name and number

    That is all.
  2. brakie

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    well, I really don't like to do this as it is close to braggig.But, I will share my roster with you. I will strat with yard engines.


    1 SW7 (C&O) 4 SW1500s T&SW (My short line)

    1 4 SW1200s 3 C&O 1 Chessie.

    1 S4 Chessie (B&O)

    Road units.


    2 GP9s R.J.Corman

    6 GP 38-2s 2 chessie 4 C&O

    6 GP40-2 s 4 C&O 2 Chessie.


    6 GP 38s all C&O

    6 GP40s 4 C&O 2 Chessie

    6 RS1 all PRR.

    12 GP7s 4 Chessie 8 C&O


    12 GP7 5 Chessie 7 C&O

    14 GP9s 8 C&O 6 Chessie

    6 GP18s N&W (back dated to phase 3 GPs)

    4 GP9s T&SW

    1 FA1/FB1 PRR


    2 GP 1500 T&SW

    Model Die Casting

    3 2 truck shays KC&L My future coal and lumber rr


    1 Clamix KC&L

    The diesels are used at the 2 clubs I belong to.The gear locomotives will be use on my home layout.

    Also includes but not use is 1 GP38-2 IHB, 1 SW1500 IHB
  3. IMRL393

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    Well, let's see ... I have 15 locos (no "repeats"):

    For the Rock Island (11, with a Stewart U-boat on reserve!):

    GP7, GP9, GP40, S1, SW9, E8, F7A, BL2, SD40-2, Doodlebug, 2-8-2

    They are a mix of P2K (5), Atlas(2), Stewart(1), Athearn(1), Bachmann(1) and Athearn Genesis(1).

    For the IMRL:

    SD40 (Kato)

    For the BN:

    GP38 (Atlas)

    For AMTRAK:

    P40, F40PH (all Athearn)

    I model as if the Rock never full folded - just became a regional. So I have no trouble having a Rocket meet with an AMTRAK at a station to transfer passengers. The ROCK rolls in the QCA! If I want to "get real", the IMRL takes over.

    - George

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