Mothers' day

Discussion in 'Off Topic Lounge' started by tigerback, May 11, 2012.

  1. tigerback

    tigerback tigerback

    Don't forget that Sunday is MOTHERS' DAY! My Mom passed away in February of this year, but I'll still honor her memory. She was 96! Here's to
  2. AshenOne

    AshenOne New Member

    Sorry to hear about your Mother, Tigerback. Prayers and thought go out to you!
    This year I'll be honoring my wife and my mother with some paper arts, it's gonna be a busy saturday.
  3. Zathros

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    Go Bless her and you, that is a long life, by any standards. You were fortunate to have her that long. My Mom is 87, and I dread hearing the phone some days. She is so smart and intelligent.

    We watched Avatar, and my Mom is such a Scifi Fantasy fan, she said she hoped she lived long enough to see a sequel. She really liked Babylon 5 also, and Anime is something she really likes. Especially anything by Miyazaki. We watched "Grave of the Fireflies" together, and my eyes were welled up, as hers were. I remember how she said that movie was "no cartoon", as it touched us deeply.

    Mom are wonderful, incredible beings. We men are very lucky to be of the same species. :)
  4. tigerback

    tigerback tigerback


    LOVE and CHERISH her! She sounds like a fantastic person. Wiosh her a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY for me! Thanx. Tigerback
  5. Vince

    Vince Member

    My birth mother died when I was 4, so I never really knew her. Fortunately my foster parents are alive and have always been there for me. They travel a lot, but are now home for the summer. We went to see them today, still hard to believe they are now 78 years old. Reminds me how old I'm getting, I guess.

    I sincerely hope they live as long as your mom. You were really blessed to have her as long as you did.

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