Most common used card stock?

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    It really sucks when you live in a Metric country and an Imperial country who below you is a major trade partner and you have to put up with living with 2 standards unofficially in place.

    Yes mine was 270gsm if I do the conversion right. Which is laminated and a nightmare rolling. I will be reprinting this and retrying it. Which sucks since I paid for and accidently got 2 bikes for the price of one and now I have a whole bike which is not possible to assemble. doh!
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    I just noticed the last packs of papers I bought (one Wausau and one Hammermill) had BOTH gsm and lbs on them! Oh happy day!

  3. Brian_Va

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    Ok I'm guessing there isn't going to be too much difference between Hammermill and Xerox or Wausau card stock? Because I can only get Xerox within 15 miles of my house. If I'm about to make a mistake here ya'll feel free to say something before I hit the road.
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    My favorite is the Wassau premium bright white (96 index) cardstock which lately I cannot find (at least in the major chains). I has a very smooth surface and takes ink well. Note that weight is not consistent with thickness. Only the metric system allows a close comparison of weights between different types of paper. I do not care for bristol board as it seems to be too pulpy. Cardstock is the only way to go. Photo paper is not to be used except by those with massive tallent and patience. And even then I would not....

    Check out the links on fiddlers green for a discussion of paper weights and finishes. There is a lot of history to be found.

    PS, if using a laser printer in color be sure to note that the paper used is cardstock so the heaters that set the ink will be hot enough and even then you may get some flaking on tight bends. I much prefer ink jet printers and find that even the cheap ones do a creditable job these days.

    And lastly, just enjoy and dont get too hung up in details.
  5. Brian_Va

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    Welp I got some Xerox 65lb 96 bright, today. Right wrong or somewhere in between I'm cutting out a Tie Fighter at the moment.

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