Mosquito Bomber, Beaufighter. Me110

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    Ok Fellas Scince I am takeing a break prepareing for my next build I dug down below in stock full of model airplane box,s i ran into these three I built many years ago, I posted these on papermodlers forum and wanted to share them here for you great fellas. these are made from card stock wood wire and clear plasic acetate vacuformed canopys. these are built form cleveland model supply plans I thought they were 1/11th scale but they are 3/4 inch scale 30 inch spans. here are three models DeHavaland Mosquito bomber. Bristol Beaufighter north african campaign. and the Messerschmitt ME110

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    here a couple more of the Beaufighter

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    More stunning work from you Boats.I've not seen a Beaufighter in the air but Duxford are restoring one to flying so I am hopeful.
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    My dear Grand dad Boats. Many thanks for sharing these beauties with us - they are splendid builds indeed.... You are THE man :thumb: :goldcup::goldcup::goldcup:

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