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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Xaniel, Nov 12, 2002.

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    Just received mm LL SD7 B&O, but still don't have the oportunity to try it on my layout.. I'm at work at this moment.

    Anyway, yester i bought some ON/OFF switches and some colored LED's... For what? to build my control panel... Can anywone explain how? can that be built? I'm mean the electrical scheme... Please! I want to start building it as fast as I can.

    I think this would help. I have wires soldered to the tracks, I have electrofrogs from ATLAS(thanks, kettlestack) and the turnouts are manual... Still too young to have electrical ones... (cash... :( )

    Examples, and/or photos would be great! :)
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    Further suggestion: wire one block then run a train on it. Then wire another block, run the same train on it and make sure it runs the same way. If you use 2 cabs, check both of them. Wiring is repetitious, but mistakes can be made faster than they can be found.

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