More than the Rock Island Line!

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by kf4jqd, Jan 9, 2003.

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    I guest I have been alittle bias towards the other railroads! :( Today I purchase a DVD called "The Rock Island Line" by Green Frog Productions. I know mostly through Western Illinois and Eastern Iowa, the Rock ruled as king. What I didn't know or didn't pay much attention. When you got to the Southwest, The Rock worked along side with the Southern Pacific. And up North, it was with the Soo Line and the Great Northwestern!

    This DVD was an educational experince! Why do you ask? I only have Rock Island locomotives and rolling stock on my layout! :eek: Another think I didn't know. It said the Rock purchase and old Southern Railroad Green steamer for railfan trips from Chicago to the Peoria Area.

    I think it's time to do alittle more research and buy some other Roads.

    I guss what it comes down to, don't be too bias about your favorite road. The Rock still holds dear to my heart and was a mighty fine line! Damn management messed it all up!

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    The Rock Rulez !!!!!

    Couldn't agree more. During research I found out that MOPAC had leased Conrail and GTW power during the period I model, so they're on my wishlist of acquisitions for MOPAC consists on my layout.

    I've also got a Rock line that parallels the Cotton Belt. So, from time to time when the Cotton Belt line is being maintained or impassable, I've got a Cotton Belt loco that will also be seen on my layout.
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    Modeling the Rock


    Next time I do a big model project, I want to model the entire Mississippi River Valley! I may have to go to N scale on this one!!! Even if I stick with the State of Illinois, there's other roads their too!

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    I have seen a bit of ROCK equipment in MKT rosters. Mostly cabooses though. I am NOT sure whether they acquired them from the fallen ROCK, or that they got them before the ROCK went belly up.

    I have seen a few ROCK equipment here and there with the UP coming through here. Course, they also have BN stuff too.

    Did the ROCK acquire anything from fallen flags or were they a part of any mergers that went through?

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    That I do not know. I am certainly not aware of any.

    If one had an OER from early 1980 (or 1978-1979) that would probably tell you a lot. That's how I got a lot of info on my railroads (i.e., the MON roadname is included in Louisville & Nashville's writeup; therefore they must have acquired Monon at some point).

    << PS - now watch somebody prove me wrong!! >>

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