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    New Progressive Rail pictures and videos I shot today.

    Most of the footage was shot adjacent to the Zigler CAT dealership which you can see quite a bit in the background.

    The video files are a bit large, but they are lengthy clips and worth the download IMO. You'll have to suffer a little download pain if you want to watch the videos.

    The pictures:

    The videos:
    Switching and run-arounds:

    Coupling action:

    Switching and uncoupling:

    Coupling action:

    SW1500 #2347 pushes a cut of cars:

    SW1500 #2347 backs out of the siding, the conductor operates the turnout, and the SW1500 comes back on the main route:

    Switching action:

    Coupling action:

    Switching action:

    MN&S caboose #102 is pulled out from storage to be used as the lead unit in the long push move through many crossings:

    MN&S caboose #102 is used as the lead unit in the long push move through many crossings. The conductor sounds the air horn on the caboose to warn traffic at the crossings:
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    Cool pictures of an interesting operation. I only had time to look at one video clip, but will come back for more. Great stuff :cool:

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