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    Ok Boys and Girls, I need some help here for a friend of mine that is a Superman fan.
    Does anyone know the make and model of the locomotives used in the original, "Adventures of Superman"..

    The only info that I have gotten so far is :

    "The train seen in the opening sequence for the first 2 seasons is a streamline steam locomotive. Starting with the 3rd season which were filmed in color, a modern diesel locomotive was seen instead."

    Now for extra credit, Pictures are worth a thousand words.. - lol I have tried to stop the DVD to get a snapshot but to no avail.

    Thank you for your anticipated cooperation with this matter.
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    Yikes : I think I answered my own question

    :thumb: <
    <[​IMG] Superman Locomotive -

    At the beginning of each episode of ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN/SYN/1953-57, the announcer introduced the program by saying "more powerful than a locomotive" to describe the super-strength of Superman, an alien being from the planet Krypton. The original series featured a black and white shot of a smoke-belching locomotive speeding down the rails. On the color episodes a Southern Pacific diesel engine was shown.

    Numbers still unknown :cry:
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    I always thought it was a GS-4 or something similar because of the way the wheels were covered. It was obviously a passenger steam locomotive but Im not really sure. Superman acted as one of the rails to save a train. Maybe he likes trains more than us cause I would NEVER get underneath and act as a rail to a fast moving train. . Thats hardcore.
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    hey, thanks. i wasnt too far off :D
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    Looks like a GS-4 to me.
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    You're right! That is SERIOUS hardcore.sign1

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