More Pics of Equity Junction, NV

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by rhtastro, Aug 26, 2007.

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    Some more recent pics of Equity Junction are included here. One has prisoners pounding rocks with their guard looking from above or maybe he's just a railroad worker and they're likewise. :oops: Another bucolic scene is of horses and cows in a corral. Then there is a train yard with the usual suspects in attendance. Next is the Equity Junction Depot with trains and passengers waiting.:wave:wall1 What's that ICE train doing out there? Must be a mix up somehow. Then there is that debarking mill again, that's where they take all barking dogs, I guess. :confused: And finally a lonely caboose along Jones Creek. Cheers, Bob :mrgreen:

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  2. rhtastro

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    More pics of Equity Junction

    Here, we have the Canadians arriving at Mill Pond and an image of the Pure Oil Depot in Equity. Looks like a busy place.

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  3. nscaler711

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    I love that DB ICE train on the fourth pic!
    Where did you find that?
  4. Ralph

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    You just can't go wrong with one of the "Chiefs" at a Southwestern looking depot! :thumb:

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    NS, I got that DB ICE train in one of those Marklin starter sets a few years ago from a dealer in Toronto. You know, with trains, track, switches, digital power packs, hookup wire, etc. That was before I started my HO 50's-60's southwestern display. So It's a little out of place but I like it anyway. It has it's own siding so it doesn't get run over by those fast freights. I don't take the authenticity of the particular period too seriously. I'm like Ralph in the post above when he says "it's for fun". Bob
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    Great shots! As for that ICE train, maybe it got switched onto some magic railway from some island far away, populated by sentinent trains or something like that :D
  7. rhtastro

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    Equity Junction continued

    A super market from the 50's. Remember those? Then the "old town" from the gold rush days. Then it's the UP Mike waiting for a load near EQ Mt. back in the good ol days. :thumb: And last it's EQ Motel time. Remember, this is Nevada, so anything is possible.

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