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  1. loafandjug

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    After doing my own graphic design, i call it Eclipse, on Shin's blank T-Boy Hoody he sent it back to me with glue tabs. I just finished putting it together. The pictures are kind of crappy but i'm extremely happy with how the build turned out. I may give it a second try at a later date now that i understand how the parts fit.

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  2. Kaz

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    Very cool,
    I emailed him, got the blank template and didnt have any ideas as to what to put on there, one day something will inspire me...
  3. MartinMtz

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    anyone had any luck getting a GRITTY? I have many ideas for gritty's since u can do the GRITTY one way and his mask a different way. Ive only gotten the mask for Gritty from Shin Tanaka

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