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    I finally got a scanner so I can share some of my photos I have taken these are the Nobles Rock short line that runs From Manley Minnesota to Worthington My home town it is running on former CNW trackage that was abandoned in the eightys

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    Cool! We used to visit friends in Forest city, IA and would drive through Manley. They moved so we haven't been there for a while. I'd be sure to look for these units if we ever did head down that way. Hope the road does well!
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    They are based out of the former CNW depot in Luverne that is the best place to catch them if you want to get pics they dont run alot but they work the ethanol plant and the chicken processer and I think they still service the elevater in town witch is just on the other side of the street wish I was older because I rember a line that ran out to the south of town to Doon Iowa that they used to call the bonny doon but ever since I was a kid all I ever saw was part of the tracks that are long gone

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