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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by Why me, Sep 15, 2006.

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    [:D][:DWell gone and run out of ampage on my lenz 100 set up time i put my broadway F3 A B C 3 powercar and sound unit on my layou thats 3 amps gone plus the carriages another 1 amp then if i put my broadway E8 3 car set up 2 of them powered with sound and a rake of coatches then i use my 3track line to run my shunting yard another 1 amp to solve this i hoping to buy a 10amp unit but lenz have stopped making them they where about £45 i now have to see if mckay are right that i can use the lenz lv 102 and wire them toghter costing about £103 for this way any help if you know a better way ty.mike
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    Rather than put more than 5-8 amps load on any one section of track, separate your layout into power districts. Each will have its own 5 (max 8) amp supply. The other advantage of power districts is that some fault isolation already takes place. A short or problem is limited (almost always) to just one power district, and does not affect the other districts.

    In blocking out power districts, look at where different trains are running at the same time. Often 1 or 2 locomotives will be working in and around the yard. Make that a power district of its own, and it doesn't need a big power supply unless you are keeping your coach lights on while in the yard.

    Then if you can separate portions of the main line so only 1 or 2 trains are in the same power district at the same time - problem solved.

    Each power district must be isolated from the others with gaps/insulated rail joiners in both rails. Each power district needs its own current limiter/fast acting circuit breaker.

    my thoughts, your choices
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    pgandw is right I had 5 amps from my digitrax super empire builder and I did the power districting and now 1 goes to my outer loop one goes to my inner the 3rd goes to my switch yard and the 4th goes to my engine yard all 4 have 10 amps each because I bought boosters it takes a little work but not that bad it all works out well in the long run

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