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    Why didn't you tell us that you're an illustrator too! Your renderings remind me of those in the Windsock series. Absolutely first rate work that makes for an "upper crusty" kind of site. Cool! If you don't mind my asking what software package are you using?

    As regards the spoked wheel, you're on! I guess it's best to start a new thread so as not to clutter the beautiful work being shown on this one.

    -Best regards, Gil
  2. Ashrunner

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    Those are beautiful drawings of the Morane-Borel. Have you done any others you would like to share with us?
  3. EricGoedkoop

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    Excellent! There's always more than one way to skin a cat. I'm looking forward to comparing notes.
  4. EricGoedkoop

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    All of this was done in PhotoShop.

    These are the first I've done, actually. I started messin' around with it as something to do when I was too tired or frustrated to try and rig any more of that dang fuselage.
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    Nice drawings. You've upped the standard and inspired me again with your craftsmanship and attention to detail.

    What are your plans for display? Will you display drawings and aircraft together?

  6. EricGoedkoop

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    Thanks, Lizzie.

    I'm not really much for "displays." When the model's done it will probably find a nice spot on a bookshelf or my desk, until humidity and/or the cat take their toll. Hopefully, I'll have something else done before that happens!

    I think I'll probably continue doing drawings of the subects I model, since I don't recall ever seeing profiles or color drawings of anything on my current to-do list. It's good exercise and helps with visualizing how everything goes together. Whether or not they ever go any further than my workshop remains to be seen.
  7. lizzienewell

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    location on bookshelf counts as display in my thinking.

    I work in a similar fashion by doing drawings as I work. I use Coreldraw since I like to resize things and I'm not much into textures. I work drawing, model making, and writing together. My goal finished product is the writing. I make the models and draw to figure out the fiction.

    I like the draws and models displayed together and have entered them in one art show that way. I'm thinking about doing an acrylic painting using models as models to get things right. I'll photograph the modesl ane move into Corelpaint to get the colors worked out and the composition finalized then transfer the drawing to a board and start painting. That is my plan anyway.

    I wonder which part of the work (model, drawing, painting) is the display version and which parts are preliminaries. Or is all the work for display? Or is it all preliminary to something else?

    That you continue to work on the drawings after completing the model shows that they are art in their own right.
  8. EricGoedkoop

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    For me, it's Process and not Product. I like having a look over my shelf of completed models every now and then, but having them is not nearly as enjoyable to me as making them. That's why I don't get too upset when they fly west - and the shelf doesn't hold more than five or six anyway. The drawings and the model of this one evolved simultaneously, each one helping with areas of the other. One reason for doing the profiles is that I found several interesting variations of the aeroplane while researching, but sure didn't want to build more than one of them!

    Maybe some other intrepid soul will take a stab at that blue and red Daugherty machine . . . . . . . high-res drawings scaled to 1/48th are available [​IMG]
  9. lizzienewell

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    Yeah, I think the art is in the process. Part of the process is showing it to an audience and seeing what they do. Even if the audience distroys the model or sculpture that can be interesting. I consider my real work to be the design of process and not in any individual model.

    I sure enjoy being in your audience and the privalenge of watching your process. I suppose cardmodelers all share an interest in process and how things are made.

    I'd love to do vintage aircraft. Yous sure make it look good. Unfortunely I'm committed to futuristic marine craft. I think learning about what has been done in the past is great for designing the future so I look forward to your posts.

  10. EricGoedkoop

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  11. EricGoedkoop

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  12. Texman

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    WOW! Once again, my meager skills are humbled.

    An absolute beauty! And scratchbuilt too.

    Awesome, Eric. Nicely done.

  13. Willja67

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    Where are the seams?!! Where are the tiny little clues that show it's made out of paper?! Very beautiful model!
  14. Ashrunner

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    Outstanding model, Eric. I am definitely looking forward to more of your work.
  15. Sopwith_Kennel

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    Eric needs to be locked up. :p :grin: His work is amazing.

    yes Eric it's me Ross from the drome. :)
  16. Gil

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    Ok, so I'm wowed too...,

    I see that you did conquer a wheel set..., so no explanation or memoir of your exploit? Are we all to be cheated of the details left to our own imaginations making cats cradles in our own meager quest of the grail? Have you no public responsibility to your community nor conscience or guilt at leaving us in a panicky quandry, our thirst for knowlege left unquenched...., arrrrrrgggghhhhh!

    Ok, so it's a little thick and squishy. Here I'm surrounded by the detritus of failed prototypes and you flaunt your success so smugly, so neatly, without seams...., arrrrrrrgggghhhh (part dieux)!

    Actally I'm making some good progress and may have something to show in a day or two. Work has started really piling up and has robbed precious time from this obsession. It's actually more involved than it looks at first. Making it easy is the really tough part and I think I may have a solution for that. Till then...,


    P.S. I showed the photos to my wife and she says it's gossamer.
  17. cygielski

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    Wow. (!!!!!!!!!)
  18. EricGoedkoop

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    Thanks, everyone.

    I've been working on luring Ross over to the dark side for months now.

    Gil - RELAX.

    I'll be starting a step-by-step tutorial on wheels next. I plan to show the entire process including the construction of the jig, and will draw lots of diagrams to show the spoking pattern. It should be ready within a week or so, I reckon.

    And you're right - making it easy is the trick. There's still one step that drives me bonkers every time.
  19. Sopwith_Kennel

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    You are drawing me nearer and near to the dark side Eric! As a kid I had a card model of a Luna Module.

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