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  1. Shrug52

    Shrug52 New Member

    Does anyone make an n-scale model monorail? I am really anxious to build a futuristic city (ala 50s sci-fi show)

    Any info would really help!

  2. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    After the 10 Substantial posts and 4 week download rule, I have a model of the disney monorai, which if thought of, nd worked out, could probably be turned into a simple monorail system.

    Link here (remember, 10 Posts and 4 weeks) before you can download it, we work on an honor system, so I know who downloads or not, if you look at the file, it may come down as a download attempt.:

    This model is hard to find. It was never "really finished", but there's enough there for a solid beginning. :)
  3. Shrug52

    Shrug52 New Member

    I dl'd that a few days ago, but it will take some experimentation. I am not very good at working without instructions :(
  4. carlos filipe

    carlos filipe carlos filipe

    Hi Shrug52:
    It might come late, but there is a plastic static model of a monorail produced by the Japanese firm GreenMax.
    If in your sci-fi dio fits a retro look, as a dereclit leftober from the past, maybe this could do.
    There is an European mainstream firm that launche some 12 years ago a sttic model; cannot recall the brand.

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