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  1. xyberz

    xyberz Member

    Just curious if there are any monorail models out there already designed or in progress? Especially the Disney Monorail system. I'm very partial to Disney stuff.

    If there really are none, I was thinking about designing a working paper model monorail system with electric motor, battery, etc.

    I've already scoped out a really small motor that is powered by a single AAA battery so it can be very light and can hold up in a paper model.
  2. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    The Monorail is a great idea! The Disney Express too! (is that the name of it?).
    I have plans for these, but they are a looooong way off. Maybe the Head Shrinker has something in the works?
  3. The-Jazzman

    The-Jazzman Member

    Something like this.. Created by Becky for Beckyland.. Omly way I know how to get in contact with here i through Trader Sams Blog:

  4. xyberz

    xyberz Member

    Very very nice! I like that! It looks like it might also actually be a working model too!
  5. 57townsman

    57townsman Member

    These pics were posted over on the Disney World Modelers group at Yahoo. They were posted by zrspilot back in 2004. The only contact info I have is an email address which may or may not work. zrspilot(at)


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  6. xyberz

    xyberz Member

    Cool, thanks for that email address. I sent an email to the person who made that, hopefully he responds.

    Also I couldn't find an email inside the blog page. Help anyone?
  7. Trader Sam

    Trader Sam Member

    Hello, all! Becky tells me that she plans on releasing her monorail model (pylons & rail included) as a download. When she'll get around to finishing it, who knows.

    I really like the WDW versions; they're very clean and have a nicely rounded nose.

    I might try my hand at doing the monorail some day. Maybe I'll do the original retro red monorail!
  8. 57townsman

    57townsman Member

    With the bubble top :twisted:

  9. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Becky began posting in September 2006 on the starship builder forum Look for the Cygnus thread.

    The monorail is part of a G scale model railroad layout she is building. She appears to be quite a talented designer and builder. :)

    Elliott :-D
  10. Wbnemo1

    Wbnemo1 Member

    another thread I can relate to... I was the main builder of patterns for the Mk1 monorail for Disneylands 50th celebration..this is my favorite train actually, second would have to be the mk4 monorail, the one that Walt Disneyworld ran from 71-89. Mk1 thru Mk 4 were all designed by Bob Gurr. I'm currently finishing up an NN3 scale model of the's a pic of it. the model was actually printed by a rapid prototyping 3d printer from a 3d mesh made by a gentleman named Jason. Here's a pic of progress

  11. xyberz

    xyberz Member

    Nice, still wish I could get the paper model. I contacted the person, said he would find it and hasn't gotten back to me for a long time. HOpefully he still has it.
  12. Trader Sam

    Trader Sam Member

    With the new Mark VII monorails out, I'm very tempted to create it. They're too gorgeous to not make a model. It's definitely on the top of my must-do list, now.
  13. Wbnemo1

    Wbnemo1 Member

    it would be really cool to find that card stock model but i'd say chances are slim..that's suposed to be an Imagineering study, least if i recall, that's what it sold as on Disney for the mk7, no one would believe me if i told you what the perfect shpe tool for that would be :)
  14. cjd

    cjd Member

    Chances just got less slim - there is a fan submission of the monorail system at Fan Board

  15. Trader Sam

    Trader Sam Member

    Becky, the creator of the model on the Fan Board, also submitted a Disneyland purple version, along with beams. I'll get them posted soon, but first, I have some other bandwidth hog files to upload in the weeks to come.

    I'll also begin on my Disneyland Mark VII Monorail Red soon.


    Becky's new monorail files are now posted.
  16. DarkStryfe

    DarkStryfe New Member

    Anyone have the link to the monorail?
  17. greypilgrim

    greypilgrim New Member

    I, too, am still looking for a monorail link. I've searched the Disney site, but came up empty.
    Did Becky ever complete her build/design?
    Is "the mole" still around with his link or upload?
  18. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    That model is in our Downloads Section.
    The first link explains it, the second one is to the model. Always try the search function, there is a lot of stuff hidden in the old threads in this forum, Make sure you DON"T post in them though. They are archives!! :)

    @greypilgrim, you need a couple more posts before you can download it. You have to have 10 SUBSTANTIAL posts, you are two away from that.

    The model is almost all there. Disney really never finished it. What you get is all there is.

    Thread: monorail

    Link to model

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