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    i got to ride up front at disney's monorail, it was pretty cool, got to talk to the driver and all.........

    the video size limit kicked me hard in the ass, i couldn't upload any of the ones that turned out nicely, soo here's the shortest one that didn't turn out too good, for your viewing pleasure :oops:
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    For those who don't know: if you ask politely at the station, they'll lead you down to a waiting area at the front of the train. Maximum of 4 guests at a time.
    It's best to be sensible about this. If there's a major crowd on the platform, don't bother.Mid-morning and mid-afternoon are usually good times, and the light is good.
    And you get a little card at the end of the trip.
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    oh, i forgot to mention, they are upgrading all the trains with a windows based computer control thing with touch-screen controls too, according to the driver

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