Monitoring AC Track Voltage

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by cruikshank, Jul 9, 2007.

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    Just wondering what you are using for monitoring of AC Track Voltage. Also we have sections of track we need to setup to about 16 volts using a Cab-1. Has anyone succesfully used a light bulb or series of LED's to remotely monitor this voltage, if so what voltage lamp? Thanks, Dave
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    Yeah, I gotta agree, a meter is going to be the only accurate way to measure voltage. A lamp or LED will tell you that you have voltage and its brightness will give you an idea of whether you have high or low voltage, but it won't give you an absolute value if that's what you want. And yes, before anyone tries to differ, an LED will work on AC. :mrgreen: I bought four meters from Harbor Freight on sale for $3 each specifically to set up to measure DC track voltage and current for two cabs, but you can do the same with AC.

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