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  2. jparenti

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    It looks really good! Very clean build. Where did you get this? Was it one of the ABC models?
  3. wedge

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    You are right , this is abc model of molnija and there were 2 different variants (this is the better one :) ) the second was all yellow (with textures of course)

    And for JOE: Very nice and cute model :thumb::mrgreen:
  4. BARX2

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    It does appear to be an ABC model. I learned about it on the Yahoo Space Paper Models forum. It is linked to the Wikipedia article about the Molniya satellite. Here's the link:

    Molniya (satellite) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  5. BARX2

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    Thanks, wedge. I used Paint Shop to clean it up a little. I used the Fade Correction filter and it really brought out the colors. :)
  6. BARX2

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    I just remembered to add a back view of the model. Pardon the clutter! :eek:

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  7. jparenti

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    I wouldn't call that clutter. That's a nice collection!
    You did a great job updating that Molniya. I was actually under the impression that you used the original pages. The colors really bring the detail out.
  8. gpw

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    I agree. Very nice collection indeed.

  9. paulhbell

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    You have your very own rocket park. Nice builds.
  10. BARX2

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    Thanks. I really need to build some stands and a nicer display. Fortunately, there's no shortage of free rocket models to build. :)
  11. SAustin16

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    Excellent job on your build. I especially like the "reflections" in the solar panels.
  12. papadenati

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    I can't find this molniya model on the web!:curse:
    Any help??:twisted:

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