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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by wedge, Feb 23, 2009.

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    Read the title of the thread. There's a number there.
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    Not meaning any disrespect, and acknowledging the experience you may have but 1:48 only means ratio to me. I was wanting to know the size of the model shown, I have no idea what the full size version would be, so can't picture the model size from that. A really rather innocent question that could be ignored I guess but what I can't understand is the impolite attitude some members here show towards others.
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    Innocent question, innocent answer. You asked for the scale. In scale modeling, which this is, 1:48 _is_ a scale. Plastic car models are mostly 1:24 or 1:25 scale. And so on. I'm sure you'll catch on.
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    OK but at 1:48 scale, if the actual vehicle is 48 feet long then the model would be 1 foot. If the actual vehicle is 96 feet long then the model would be 2 feet and so on. So unless one knows the size of the actual craft the ratio doesn't help. That is why people sometimes place an object of known size beside a model for scale. It was in that respect I used the term. But you are right....I'm catching on.
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    Perhaps in the download section you could put a cube or something we could all use as a standard.

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    You are doing a fantastic job with this model wedge. It looks like it's cast from plastic. I wish I could get my lines as straight as yours.

    Also, I am ashamed that I had to do a Google search to find out what this ship was. :oops: I had never heard of it before.
  8. wedge

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    I promise to arange some photos with something to compare with. maybe the next time , so don´t argue :D I´m not be using your "cubes" , because it really harms the photos :D

    jparenti: if you want to know the story of moldy crow , I heartily recommned you the Dark forces series (pc game - Dark forces and Dark forces II Jedi knight)
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    I'm a big fan of the games, but always thought the Crow was rather ugly for a design (like the A-10 Warthog, ugly but effective).

    I'm curious where the references for the inside were when this model was created. I don't recall there being many clear shots of it in any of the games.

    Funny thing, too, I just recently reinstalled JK(DF2) and MOTS and played through them this past week! Talk about coincidence, me checking the forums and seeing a thread on the Moldy Crow!
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    Nice work on the hull, Wedge; the paintjob is awesome :) And I'm curious how will you cope with the wings :D
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    This is one of my favourite posts, I eagerly await each new post from Wedge. I used to play the Dark Forces games, I especially liked DF2, it was very atmospheric and the Mouldy Crow always looked really great on the CGi sequences.

    Love this project.
  12. wedge

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    You are absolutely right Julian . For me is the DF 2 the best game ever. I´m SW fan since I can see :mrgreen: I was 13 when I first saw dark forces II. It was my first walking opportunities in Star Wars universe and I can remember how much I loved every square meter of the game :rolleyes:

    Thank you all for supporting - there is another small progress

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    Holy cow! That's amazing work on those underside details. I especially love the intakes and the smoothness of the curves, but that doesn't mean the gun is any less impressive!
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    Very nice and jaw dropping to see that beauty. And Good Job to you MFH for releasing it. Where can I find this model?
  15. wedge

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    Another progress is the radiator and the main wings gripping . It is made from 1,5 mm wire and I hope it will work. The wire is held-in-place by the sello tape , so it is only at the beginning .

  16. imcold

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    Good work! I hope the wire will be able to support the wings, too :)
  17. wedge

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    so I´m working on the strboard fin engine. It is not ready yet , but I decided to post some photos for those who are interested in this build anyway. :rolleyes:

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    Joined this thread late - great job wedge!
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    I never finish anyth sign1

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