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    Guys I'm trying to make some molds using the woodland scenic latex rubber I've put three layers on letting each one dry over nite (I know that a little overkill but no great hurry) after this layer I put a piece of gauze on and recoated it. Am wondering if then one more coat one top will be enough for a mold which I plan on using rather often? Anyoene else have any experience with this product I would love some of your feedback.
    Thanks Pat
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    I just finished making a mold for some rock retaining walls and I did essentually the same thing you did. Four coats total with gauze between the second and third layer. I just waited a few hours between coats and that seemed to be enough time.

    I found the mold would not lay flat when I pulled it from the master, so I used some sticky glue to hold it down on a flat piece of acrylic. I also found I had to support the edges to keep them from collapsing so I glued some wood pieces that I could remove to break the wall out of the mold.

    I was not happy with the depth between the rocks, it came out a bit less detailed than the original. The next time I'm going to try to force the latex between the cracks a bit more than I did this time. Just "painting" the latex on didn't seem to do the job.

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    Some years ago, I made a rubber mold of some rock surfaces. I got the liquid rubber from a hobby craft store and can't remember the brand. It is bright red in colour. I used PAM as a mold release, coated the rock with it, then put a coat of the rubber. Next some gauze then another coat of rubber. I didn't wait between coats. I left them overnight to cure, peeled them off and have been using them ever since.

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