Module sizes for Marlpost?

Discussion in 'Modular Layout Forum' started by frisco2008, Jun 16, 2007.

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    Masonjar, what are the sizes of the modules for Marlpost? I am trying to come up with a couple of 12 to 16 foot "towns" to put on the long sides of an 8' x 19' oval layout. It will be "around the room", except one long side is open. Anyway, just trying to get an idea of sizes.


    Glenn Young
  2. MasonJar

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    Hi Glenn,

    Welcome to The Gauge!

    Marlpost (as posted here) is based on 2 foot X 4 foot modules. The spec's can be found at Welcome to the HOTRAK website in the "Standards" section.

    I have since decided that the town itself will work better on 6 foot long modules, which I am now constructing. The plan is basically the same, there's just a little more room in each of the sidings. While it may have been (proto)typical to have a three or four car train in the 1930s, I want to allow the possibility of bigger trains at the club. That means making the passing siding long enough for an 8-10 car train.

    The junction remains on 2 - 2x4 footers.

  3. frisco2008

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    Thanks for the info. I'll do some "cut and paste" work and see what happens.


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