Modifing Atlas's N4 Layout Wiring

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by kf4jqd, Oct 13, 2006.

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    Hi Everyone:

    As you know, I am using Atlas's N4 layout plans. I am going to do some changes to the wiiring. What made me to do the changes? It was the block wiring for the new Atlas signaling system. I have decided not to use it. Why do you ask?

    The reason is simple. Do you see the wiring for the switch track? Well Atlas also has the snap relay that connects to this too. I am going to wire the switches in this. I don't care if it is phototypical or not. I just want the engineer to know what track is open to him.

    Do you see the manual switch for the power blocks? Replace this with the snap relay. Why? The reason is simple. When you switch the track, you will change the signal light. Not only will you do this things, but also you will be adding power or disconnecting power to the effected track! How simple is that!!??:thumb: When I have the wiring plans drawn up, I'll post them here.

    Also, I will be replacing the switch track switches with momentary DPDT switches from Radio Shack. I will be mountiing them in a box so a child can hold it into thier hand! Remember the signal lights? LED's will be wired in the box connected to the signal lights. The lights on the box will show what track is thrown!

    I thought about using digital TTL's for the electronics. I decided to keep it so simple that a beginner can copy my project. As I build it. I'll post all of my information to my Gauge Friends!announce1 announce1 announce1

  2. kf4jqd

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    Successful Test!!!

    I've just done a block switching with the snap relay. The signal lights (not connected but used LED's in replacement) came on. The track did switch. Most important, the block DID come on!:thumb: I used manual switch 1 So far, so good!

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    Wow! Way cool. Will you be building a circuit board to handle this? Please make sure to take plenty of pictures of the wiring and the interior/exterior of the control box and post them so we can all see.

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