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Discussion in 'Architecture Models' started by claudiecat, Jun 17, 2008.

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    Hi, first post. Fabulous site, helpful history, but not much recent activity in the architectual section:cry:. I'm from Melbourne.

    My interest is strictly in buildings, particularly 20th and 21st century architecture. Twenty plus years ago I made up the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Sear's building, Sydney Opera House, plus a few Domus historical buildings, but then gave up the hobby until a week ago when my 10 year old found my cache of unconstructed buildings and got me back into it - she's very enthusiastic. Most of the kits in my cache I collected on a holiday in Italy in 1995 so I clearly always intended to make paper models again one day - they're mostly Domus but a few by Alan Rose as well.

    Right now my daughter and I are making up a high quality model of the Teatro del Mondo, a floating theatre that was designed by the Italian architect Aldo Rossi for the 1980 Venice Biennale. Beautiful building and beautiful model. My next project is planned to be a model of the modernist house at Meudon designed by the Dutch architect Theo Van Doesburg in 1929, although it looks a bit daunting (this is a pretty complex kit - looks like each beam is made up individually!).

    But other than that I'm a bit stumped for projects. My problem is I'm finding it difficult to locate high-quality models of modern buildings - I've ordered the model of Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House from Amazon and there's a model of the Sonneveld house in Amsterdam that the Netherlands Architectural Institute is selling that I'm tempted to get, but I haven't really seen much else that's suitable. I'd like to do a few more FLW buildings if they exist, or Mies' Barcelona Pavilion, or in particular any contemporary buildings like the Eureka building here in Melbourne. Paper Landmarks have a few interesting subjects like Ronchamp chapel but they're too small to interest me. Seems like all the interesting modern buildings are being done in software, not paper:confused:

    So, I'm wondering if there's anyone with similar interests or if anyone can advise me where to get the kind of buildings I'm after.
  2. jaffro

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    Eureka would indeed make a nice model, can't help much with your search but greetings from not so far away, and welcome to the forums. :thumb:
  3. SCEtoAux

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    Skyscraper Models has skyscrapers from around the world. The models appear to be in the same scale, so you can get a good sense of the relative sizes compared to each other. The textures look good, but there does not seem to be many parts to the models. That looks like it would make for some quick and easy builds.
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    Hi, CC, welcome to the forum. or - g'day from UK. :thumb:

    Here's some links for now:

    Marcle Models Card Model KIt Catalogue - Ships, ... , Architecture, etc.

    Free models, Paper Models for download - Architecture, ...etc.

    Canon have a good few freebies. Not highly detailed, mostly,
    but rather good, imho.
    Canon 3D Papercraft - Arc de Triomphe, etc.

    I also found this link in a rather obscure corner of the web -
    I think it will keep you busy for many happy years to come,
    despite the fact that there's not much activity at the moment. :rolleyes:
    Architecture Models

  5. claudiecat

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    Thanks for the welcome Jaffro - are we the only Melbournites in this sub-forum? Don't imagine I'll find a card model of the Eureka Tower any time soon but I did find these 'diagrams' of it at the site below - there are at least six illustrators that clearly have the knowledge and ability to produce a fantastic card model of Eureka if only they had the inclination! BTW amazing that the site has drawings of 134 buildings in Melbourne alone (and 500+ in NY - what a fabulous potential resource)

    Drawings of Eureka Tower -
  6. logicman

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    There's a lot of software only stuff around, claudicat, and not just to do with architecture.

    You'll find a lot of designers here turning virtual models into card/paper,
    but mostly planes/trains/ships/sci-fi etc.

    I forgot to mention before, there's an Aussie section here, but like the architecture forum, not much happening at the mo:


  7. cdavenport

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    Check out this manufacturer. I am not sure of how current you want your architecture but they have an Empire State Building. I have built a Domus kit and the quality is outstanding.
  8. claudiecat

    claudiecat New Member

    Yes the Empire State building is near the top of my must-do list. I built the Alan Rose version in 1986 but it eventually gave up the ghost from too many house moves (as in fact did all the models I made at that time).

    I've just today ordered copies of Alan Rose's versions of the Chrysler building and the Sears Roebuck building to replace some of the now-deceased models I did in the 80s. I'm also intending tomorrow to purchase the Domus version of the Empire State building - expecting it will probably be better and maybe even slightly bigger than Rose's version. Maybe someone here has a view on that?

    I still have seven or eight unbuilt Domus models stashed away for when the drought ends here in Melbourne:cool:. I went to their current site but there's not much there anymore - looks as if they're just clearing out old, slow-moving stock. If I ever see the Domus Sagrada Familia kit anywhere I might pick it up because I think of Gaudi as a 'modern' (there's another version I've found on the net being sold by the Gaudi Club but it looks a little small and I'm not sure about the quality). Possibly someone here is familiar with that particular model?
  9. claudiecat

    claudiecat New Member

    Hi Logicman, thanks for the welcome and the suggestions. That Marcle site has an interesting-looking but rather pricey version of the Empire State building by Schreiber (although there's not much info available about it, either on Marcle or Schreiber's own site). So that means there's at least three big models of the Empire State to choose from - the Alan Rose version, the Domus version or the Screiber version. Decisions! Decisions! Wish I could tell which one is the best:confused:

    I'm not really that taken with the free models because they're almost all a bit too small for me. I can't seem to download the one freebie that does interest me - Frank Lloyd Wright's mile high building - from Ralph Currell's site. The link doesn't seem to work.
  10. logicman

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