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  1. Wilfried

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    Hello friends,

    all of us knows it - lots of pictures, made in the sixties, seventies, eighties or now. Brilliant references - ships, aircrafts, buildings. We put a lot of information into our boxes - but after us? For me, I'll get a lot of pictures from a friend from East Germany - WW1 aircraft pictures. What do you think, my family do with the pictures when I'm on the other side. We've had a discussion on the kartonbau-teamspeak about this. What can we do to preserve it for the forthcoming generation? After some days, I had a call with a good friend - meet at - Michael and he offered me, to use his server, to put a lot of my pictures on it. This was the beginning of The idea of modelref is, to save pictures of the origin, ships, aircraft, buildings, without monetary interests ...
    modelref. org is a base, you can take pictures for your personal use to verify or to detail your cardmodel.
    All the members of are invited to put her "goldies" from her archive here on
    By the way, you'll find on the portal at The only thing you'll have to do, is to click on the button modellbauers-referenz...

    with the best wishes for the forthcoming new year
    PS: I'm begging you, please apologize my english
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    Your site is a great idea. I have been collecting digital photos of aircraft for more than 10 years now, and during my career in the U.S. Air Force, I collect aircraft photos whenever I could. I am sure many people will find the site worthwhile.

    Pass on my thanks to Michael of for providing space for this project.

    Ihr Aufstellungsort ist eine große Idee. Ich habe digitale Fotos des Flugzeuges für mehr als 10 Jahre jetzt gesammelt, und während meiner Karriere in der VEREINIGTE STAATEN Luftwaffe, sammele ich Flugzeugfotos, wann immer ich könnte. Ich bin sicher, daß viele Leute den Aufstellungsort lohnend finden. Leiten Sie meinen Dank Michaels von für das Zur Verfügung stellen des Raumes für dieses Projekt weiter.

    P.S. I hope the translation is good. It's the first time I have used Babel Fish for English to German.
  3. murban

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    thanks for your kind words about our project. If you want to share some of your pictures at the site, please let me know - I have atool available that makes uploading pictures easier than doing it directly on the site. This offer is valid for everybody else as well of course.


    P.S: The translation is ok. There are some of the common problems with word-by-word translators, but the text is understandable without too much difficulties.
  4. Wilfried

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    100 pictures of the Kriegsmarine

    Hello friends,

    last week, I posted 100 pictures of the Kriegsmarine in our database In 1942 the Schönstein Verlag produced an album of 100 pictures in stereo-technique. All the pictures were made from PK-Berichterstatter. If you like to have an impression of the life at that time on German Ships and aboard - have a look:

    With the best regards
  5. barry

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    It's a very interesting set of pics thanks Wilfried


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