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  1. :wave: Hello everyone, does anyone know where i can read about how to create realistic looking river bed? Im not sure what colors to use and in waht order to apply them. I know black would simulate deep water and light tan would simulate shallow water, but im not sure of the exact process of painting a river bed. I will be useing WS realistic water to model my river, so any information or suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Thanks!
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    I am not too concerned about era as long as it is 70's to present.
    I guess I have 22' curves? (standard?)
    If you take a look at the pix in a previous thread would help determine.
    NEW LAYOUT 1-7-2007
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    There was an article on that subject in Model Railroader magazine a few months back.
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    I think Woodland scenics site has video on how to make different types of water.
    Shows how to give impressions of depth.
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    For rivers that are deep enough that you cannot see the bottom, I paint the center of the river black. The edges I feather from black to whatever the prevailing ground color is. I just darken the parts in the "water" slightly from the dry land. Once that is done, I put in rocks and logs and weeds. Finally I put down some WS realistic water. A very thin layer. It's not great water but it's good enough. The WS water expands slightly as it dries and fills in around the weeks, rocks and twigs that are in close to the river bed. This makes an indistinct line for the water's edge. I've tried using plaster to model choppy water, but it never looked good.
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    trainsteve2435, if you go to the How To page of the MRLinks in my signature there are several links on making water. :wave:
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    Look at nazguls thread his river looks awsome. couldn't tell you the page
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    Black & Tan makes a better beverage, IMO. But seriously, it works and yet there are so many more choices besides the basic black and tan. I've used an acrylic craft paint from Delta Ceramcoat called, of all things, 'Deep River Green' with good results. I faded it in with a tan to create a shallow spot along a steep bank (the rest of the coastline is rocky and deep) but didn't go all the way to the full strength tan. I think it all depends on how deep and how murky you want it to be (appear).


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