Modelling in a more....sturdy media

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    As I recall, work-hardened aluminum can be annealed in your kitchen; if anybody's interested, I'll chase down the data. Aluminum shim stock from .001"-.010" can be had in 5"x100" rolls for $20-$25 from MSC industrial supply, and as that comes full hard it MUST be annealed. Personally, I work with metal all day and prefer wood and wood byproducts when I get home. --F'G
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    Hi All,

    I posted the photographs of earlier experiments to demonstrate former ideas in the use of aluminum from soda cans. A lot of time was devoted to just getting to the point you see in the photos and further development was discountinued because it wasn't going to lead to mainline use. A retreat back into cardmodeling and private discussions with some of the senior members slowly collected my thoughts on how to proceed. The adjunct use of aluminum in paper modeling must be similar to that which is already in use and be fairly easy to use (Keep It Simple Stupid). That's when the F6F nose piece was done to understand how "paper aluminum foil" would work with traditional cardmodeling techniques to "enhance", not replace paper as the major modeling media. A small but necessary step of informing those interested in the technique. I didn't follow through on a tutorial due to the less than enthusiatic response so it was dropped from the priority list. I don't believe this position will change...,


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