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    Hello Friends,

    I was able to attend the Modell Hobby Speil in Leipzig Germany, a large trade show catering to all manner of hobbies. I've attached a few photos of the Card Modeling exhibits and a few others I thought everyone may enjoy.

    I've been able to visit various shops over the years in my travels about Europe but this is the first major show I have been able to attend. Needless to say my face is still sore from all of the smiling I did.

    I was able to meet a few of our brothers from and Benjamin and Ulrike from HMV (Which ship lovers note: you will be hard pressed to find more beautiful 1:250 models).

    Lastly, I spent an incredible sum on lots of beautiful models, the GPM booth (well ok, the whole show) was like Christmas. I am particularly happy with the new SM-42-999 a 1:25 loco with full motor and interior from GPM.

    Kind regards,


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    More pictures...

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    And a few more...

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