Modelik Polonez-Poltruck "Policja"

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    I am currently working on the second in a series of Modelik Polonez kits - The Police Version. Since the frame and front half of the model are basically the same as the fire version I originally posted a build thread for, I will only post finished photos when I'm done. One thing about this kit is that the drawings are not as comprehensive as in the earlier version and some parts are mis-numbered. Some of the missing drawings may be replaced by text, but since I'm not fluent in Polish and it takes me forever to translate it with my Polish to English dictionary, I'll have to figure things out as I go.

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    I have finished the police version of Modelik's Polonez-Poltruck Series. The cab and frame gave me no trouble and turned out better than the fire version did since I had more of a clue on what I was doing. The van body did not turn out as well as hoped. The transition piece between the cab and van was not long enough on either side and I couldn't get it to contour correctly at the top with out cutting it and adding some blue filler. Also the wheelbase of the frame does not line up with the fender wells on the bed. There are no drawings for the van body doors, so I was on my own. I suspect most of the instruction for the van body was text and I wasn't about to try translating all that Polish. Since there are someunused, misnumbered parts in the parts pages, it appears that this version was merely a revision of the fire version. It turned out OK, but I was hoping for better.

    The next version I try will be the ambulance version which has less in common than the fire and police versions. Here's hoping!

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    woow :O NICE!

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