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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Mindaugas, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. Mindaugas

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    I am currently in Spain, Valencia, on Erasmus studies for one term. I just wanted to continue modelling, but avoiding plane transporting problems, I have decided to get myself a very small plane. That is a little 1:33 Modelik Polikarpov I-16 typ24 :)

    About a plane itself:

    All of you know, that I-16 was used, by USSR, in the beginning of WWII, and really wasn't too inferior even to Bf-109s. This was a revolutionary airplane with revolutionary design. It was the first plane in the world with retractable landing gear and cantilever wing desing (cantilever - in mechanics, is a method of attaching a beam, only at one end, to a fixed surface). These planes were introduced in 1930s, as a backbone for Soviet Air Force. This petite fighter showed its best in Manchurian war with Japans, just before WWII. This is a model of typ24, which was very manoeuvrable, and thus was called 'rata'.

    Ok, so the model is quite easy, only 4x A4s, not many parts, complex places or so. I am not going to complete it fully, because I will have to transport it back to Lithuania. But I will do so, that in Kaunas I will just need like two evenings to complete it :)

    The magazine itself is very neat, with great polygraphics. No weathering or superdetailisations..

    I have a very few tools and materials with me, so I will do it straight "out of box", without detailing, fixing or modifying.


    I am sorry, that I really hasted, and I didn't photographed the beginning of the production. But on the other hand, there is not much to show. Just a framework, and primitive cockpit, which is deep and not so much visible.
    It is like three evenings work.. Just I haven't built any models for a while, so I was eager, and I hasted too much, which lead to some minor mistakes. I hope I will get accustomed to it :)


    Aim sights


    Engine. It will be practically invisible, so I didn't put too much effort in it...


    That is all. Till the next time :)
  2. cgutzmer

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    looking super! and great pic taking!!!
  3. col. kurtz

    col. kurtz Member

    great looking model !!!!!!!!!will be adding this to my wish list :thumb:
  4. exzealot

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    I have seen a build of this somewhere recently - outstanding kit, and you are doing it justice. Nice Job!

  5. eatcrow2

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    Nice clean work, with great photos showing it off...:thumb::thumb:
  6. redhorse

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    Very nice!
  7. cbg

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    I have a confession to make: I used to think soviet-era anything was junk. Russian hardware was successful only because of sheer numbers produced. I have long since changed my tune and this little airplane is a case in point.

    The Polikarpov design bureau was top-notch as were Mikoyan/Gurevitch, Petlyakov, Tupolev, etc. Each of them had to overcome Stalinism at some point during the "Great Patriotic War".

    Thanks for showcasing this important Spanish Civil War veteran. Will you be showcasing its cousin, the I-180 sometime in the future?


    p.s. Which tank is recognized as best all-around during WW II: Was is German? American? British? How about Russian. . .the great T-34.
  8. Mindaugas

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    Thank you all for warm comments! I am so glad to hear it :)

    @ cbg: Thanks for your comment. Yeah, I totally agree with you about engineering, russians made it rugged, crude, but durable. For example, when germans had problems with frost, T-34's were going at -30.
    About I-180, maybe in the future :) I would really like to build it.
    Also I am in Spain now, studying as an exchange student for Architecture (thats why I do not build architecture models, because I have enough of them at university :D), it is very thematic to build a plane from Spanish Civil War :)

    Here, I have completed the engine, which is quite simple, but nice. Offcourse it will be absolutely invisible, so practically I could have even skipped it :D


    And this is my ubersmall workplace, in my room, in Valencia :) Spain is very nice country, but I wouldn't live here, maybe I am too patriot of my country, I love it and I miss it. This is a good experience to see something new, to learn in a new way, to see the architecture and living style here, to design a project for Spain, but it's good that this exchange period is just half a year :)


    Some photos of Valencia :)

    Good luck friends!
  9. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Great work as usual, Mindaugus! Perhaps you could do a tutorial for us on how you achieve such great results in your photography? Your pictures are among the best in detail and in quality. Please consider it.

    NULLMOON Member

  11. exzealot

    exzealot Member

    Those pushrods look GREAT! It's a shame that these will be mostly covered up. Perhaps you can make the prop and shroud removable.


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