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    theres a kit made by im sure modelik of the experimentel super tank "the mouse" does anyone know were i can get it and know what the kit is like?(graphics,fit etc)


    Hi !
    Maus has been edited by Model-card (now Modelik) but also by GPM.
    One gallery is here
    Where to buy? I think only from second hand.

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    thats the one i think its in a3 format ive found a few references to the kit but no were i can buy it it actully looks fairly easy as a kit compared to some of the other german tanks ive seen as its fairly "tidy":thumb:
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    The Paper Model Store has the GPM Maus in stock

    This is the direct link

    A tad expensive but it is out of print. As for the quality this is the GPM model and most likely would be the better of the two. The model is obviously pre computer drawn so I doubt that it is up to the present standard for fit, finish and paper quality. If you do get the model and you find the paper to be rather course you may consider scanning the model and printing it on some good card stock.

    As for the Card Model Shop they ship promptly and the order is always complete.

    Jim Nunn

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    cool thanks :thumb:

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