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    a model thats been sitting in my "started section" for months thoght i should try and finish it this year

    two qestions actully:
    how does the center hull line up with the "track carriers" if lined up using the provided marks from below it leaves a little gap at the top is that right? its best i ask before any glue is involved

    second which is the closest paint match(eg humbrol 55 etc) for this model its all one color so worth me buying a tin of paint just for the edges and my rivets(if i use them)

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    i dont know is still an answer......its like the digital version of asking someone a qestion and being ignored it really is rude:curse:
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    Seriously I don't know:mrgreen: The only Modelik I built was the Panzer II and I never completed it (needed tracks and wheels) because of damage caused by the carpenters while renovating our kitchen. The newer Modeliks are a bit more detailed.
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    The hull plating was level along the top but the track plates did not sit directly on the hull plating. (All Marks were the same, this drawing is clearer). Don't know about humbrol colors.

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    exxelent thanks see that wasnt so hard :thumb:sorry about the winge

    there seems to be a little gap at the top (top pic)that is white when all the other parts match up im not sure if its covered by the tracks or simply an oversight on modeliks part im gonna complete the 3 big parts seperately anyway for the moment before they all go together

    i have a load of browns to test out ill relay whats what when i know

    this is the best pic(bottom pic thanks dansls1)there is of the tanks hull top the tracks seem to fit just above the hull no sign of a gap:confused:

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    ill just realy my own experences on this it may help anyone bulding the same kit

    center hull:
    to get this to fit (aginst the white pattern on the track horns)i had to add 8mm of card to the rear panel as the inner box structure was too short i attached the rear panel first floowed by the top rearmost panel and worked forward the underside of the hull was also to shallow so i added 1mm card to the largest panel and card scraps to the next panel were the hull begins to slope up it now fits perfectly

    track carreirs:
    these were tricky as the two side parts were not identical the only way to get this to work is to use the vertical formers which need a little trim at the top and once both sides are attached and dry to even them out with a razor blade and sandpaper i voided all the horzontal formers as none of them fit corectly insted i reinforced all the inner prts with 3mm ply and used a 1mm card strip cut to the width of the formers to wrap over the v-formers the whole thing is very strong i left unglued the 1mm strip for the moment to allow me to press the parts together firmly
    the track carrier skins go on next and should be carefully alined if the detail parts are going to be added the holes in the former should be alot bigger leaving about1mm free around the holes in the skin

    apart from that so far so good i havent found a coulor match yet im using my watercolors to match edges but i will still need it for some of the smaller parts

    hope this helps:rolleyes:

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