Modelik "Flower" Class Corvette - 1/200

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by sakrison, Oct 30, 2007.

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    With my sights set on building my first 1/200 warship, and several kits in my collection to choose from, I picked Modelik's Flower class Corvette (Modelik Nr 12/03).

    I chose it partly because I had the laser-cut frames. The frames fit very precisely and the hull plates and decks fit very well on the assembled frames. There were no joiner strips for the hull plates, so I used the technique described by jkrenzer for his USS Porter (, 3/8-inch strips over each of the frames. It worked like a charm and my first-ever hull looks much smoother and cleaner than I expected it to. Thanks, jkrenzer!

    I left the rudder and screw for later (so I wouldn't knock them off) and moved to the superstructure. That's when things started to go south on me. The main deckhouse takes up almost half the length of the deck. The sidewalls of the deckhouse have a definite fore-and-aft curve to them to conform to a deck that (supposedly) slopes up at each end. But the main deck itself, supported by the laser-cut frames, is nearly flat along a line from fo'c'sle, nearly to the stern.

    Thinking I might have made an error, I checked the curve of the deckhouse walls against the top curve of the kit's long hull formers. They don't match.

    I did some trimming and fitting to get the deckhouse to mate with the deck. I also encountered several problems with deckhouse walls not fitting together correctly.

    Assembling the deckhouse took some guesswork. There are lots of drawings but some critical(?) details are left out, and I ended up prying apart and reassembling a couple of small walls that weren't clearly shown on the drawings. In one case, the parts were not clearly shown and L and R were reversed in the numbering. At least I think they were--that's the only way I could get the parts to fit.

    I also spent about 20 minutes searching for a couple of parts; their numbers were identified on the drawings but the parts themselves were not shown. (Numbered arrows indicated parts on the back side of the sub-assemby illustrated.)

    Parts for sub-assemblies were not always grouped together on the kit's pages. It's frustrating when the part numbers are in 5-point type and you don't actually know what the part you're looking for looks like.

    At this point, I have set the kit aside. I might come back to it someday but I'm worried about what other frustrating surprises it has in store for me. And, at the least, I have to conclude that this is not a good "first ship kit."

    I have GPM's "Tashkent," "HMS Chadsworth" from GPM and Gremir, and the "Orp Piorun" and "Orp Burza" from Maly Modelarz in my pile of unbuilt kits. On close examination, these all look like better choices for a first ship kit. I'm open to suggestions...

    Also on my shelf and somewhere in my future, possibly this winter, is GPM's "Prince of Wales," and after that, GPM's "Graf Spee" and "Halinski's Jeremiah O'Brien (the latter possibly scaled up to 1/160). And once I get really demented, GPM's IJN Carrier "Zuikaku." But I need to cut my teeth on some smaller ships first.

    No worries,
  2. cgutzmer

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    Thanks for the heads up on those kinds of problems David.
  3. rlwhitt

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    Wasn't it Chris Coyle that had an extensive build thread here a while back on this ship? I don't know if you looked it up or whether he experienced any of this. Maybe a PM to him to see if he has a good workaround?

  4. jkrenzer

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    Maly Modelarz is a great place to start, I cut my teeth on two of their destroyers, the very old ORP Piorun and the ORP Bylskawica. Both fabulous kits that fit very well together. The model Piorun I have was faded and printed on true card stock while the Bylskawica was newer and more typical of the modern kits. My very first model was DN's V108, why, well, because it was free.

    Honestly the Flower may not have been a more difficult selection for a starter, it has very complex parts and is itself so compact.

    Thanks for the plug, but the hull former strip method was just past along. I ready about sometime ago I believe in for a Bismark displayed there.
  5. dansls1

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    Here's the build - but it apparently was the 1/100 version.
  6. sakrison

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    Thanks for the advice. I think I'll try the MM Piorun. The kit I have is dated 12/2001 and the artwork looks pretty good. Maybe it's an update or reprint of an earlier release. Just for good luck, I'll start it while watching "Destination Tokyo"--a classic WWII submariner film with Cary Grant. It's amazing (and wonderful) the stuff that's out on DVD!

    Well, you did pass it along and it did work like a charm. Take the credit.:mrgreen:

    No worries,

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