Modelers on here from Eastern Tenessee?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by kf4jqd, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. kf4jqd

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    Hello Everyone:

    Are there any modeleres on The Gauge from the Eastern Tennessee Area? Hopefully this will be the year that Jessica and I move down there. We will be building a log cabin house in the mountains. We will be adding an above ground basement to the house. This is my train/radio room! I would like to know if anyone would help me build my dream layout.

    Here's the plan:
    There will be 2 helixes! I will need help on them. Never built one. The layout will be mounted on the wall. The radioroom, which will be close. Will housed the staging area and yard. There will be 2 main lines running out to the reckroom. They will come to a helix and go up the wall. That will be the return to the staging area. The theme will be Applichica Steam, the Rock Island will also be there.

    I want the layout to blend into the Smoky Mountain theme. The reckroom will have railroad lantners and the such. This will be a big project and will take time to finish. If you come and visit the Smoky Mountains, let the wife shoppe and you can help me build or take a tour! There is one thing I want to ask. If anyone finds any electic lamps that were used for the railroads but fit for a log cabin. Please email me!

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    I may be the closest to you Andy. I'm across the state line in WNC, about 2 hours from Knoxville. :wave: Where in Tenn. are you going?

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