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    Here is a REALLY good site for all of you ship modellers out there that may not yet know about it. Their Gallery features a number of outstanding card models.


    JIM BAUMAN New Member

    Absolutely correct!

    I have been a contributor to for many a year now

    It is a superb US site with a strong European readership and a good spread ranging from large 1/96 scratchbuilt monsters down to TINY but finely detailed 1/700 models across the board to sailing ships and fine card models!

    oddly enough--I posted the follwing message there recently!

    I have been away from Cardmodels net for a while- could not log in... grrr

    Anyhow, depite being a 'solids' modeller ...

    I did take the plunge and bought a 1/250 JSC card kit of the Austro-Hungarian battleship SMS WIEN

    I Intend to produce an amalgam of card and solids to produce a model that encompasses the optimum from all material

    I shall be reading and re-reading all the threads to glean some card know-how!!


    JIM BAUMANN in Southampton UK

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