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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Old_Bob, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Old_Bob

    Old_Bob Member

    How can I find out where and when there will be model RR shows? My particular interest is in shows in the So CA area.
  2. liven_letdie

    liven_letdie Member

    You can go to under the events section :thumb:
  3. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    At this time in So Cal there is a Great Train Expo scheduled for Del Mar on Dec 2 & 3. There are probably many local clubs doing open houses, but I don't know that much about them. I think there is another Great Train Expo being held in the Anaheim Convention Center, I think it is scheduled for the first weekend after Jan 1.
  4. Old_Bob

    Old_Bob Member

    Ah, that Anaheim show is the one I would like to see. Went to that event several years ago and it was impressive. Del Mar is a bit of a drive.
  5. Catt

    Catt Guest

    Try your local hobbyshop.All four of the shops in my town keep a supply of show fliers on hand.Also once you find one to attend check and see if they have a table for show fliers.It's almost mandatory here in West Michigan and surrounding areas to do this,.:D
  6. Alan Bickley

    Alan Bickley Member

    Huh? FOUR hobby shops in your town?! The nearest hobby shop to me is 12 miles away, and I live in a big town!
    Anyway, I can't wait for December the 2nd and 3rd to go to the biggest event of the year here in the UK!
  7. ed acosta

    ed acosta Member

    Model Railroad Shows

    There is an excellent website that lists all shows in your particular area. Try

    I used to live in southern Cal and recall MR shows in Pomona, Orange Empire Museum in Perris, and another in in Sunland. I wonder if they are still around. Great values if you are buying. GATS put on a large train shows, but the swap meet vendors were a too pricey fro my budget.

    -Ed Acosta
  8. Jim Krause

    Jim Krause Active Member

    sign1 Alan: By American and Canadian standards, twelve miles is "near". Maybe that's why we are running out of petrol (gas)sign1
  9. Collyn

    Collyn Member

    Just be thatful you don't have to go an hour. great link ed
  10. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    Yeah, Jim, you're right about that. Around here, we usually walk if the hobbyshop is within a twenty mile radius and the snow is not too deep.:rolleyes: :D :D

  11. Old_Bob

    Old_Bob Member

    Ed, I looked at the site and found no shows listed for this area. Sigh.
  12. Old_Bob

    Old_Bob Member

    Collyn, Had to look up Canon City on the map! Your photos were excellent! I remember seeing the canyon some years ago on a driving vacation.
    We plan to move to Eagle, CO when we get our place here sold. The new place has a basement and that is my target for a HO layout.
  13. ed acosta

    ed acosta Member

    MR Shows

    Go back to the page and look for the section "Browse" where you can enter the State (Calif) that you are looking for and it will display 10 shows in the next couple of months. There is a MR show and swap meet in Arcadia on Dec. 3 and the iHobbyExpo in Los Angeles on Dec 15.

    -Ed Acosta

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