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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by N Gauger, Aug 13, 2003.

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    World's Greatest Hobby on national TV
    World's Greatest Hobby ambassador to show train layout on nationally-televised Fox News Channel

    John Vanacore, an ambassador for the World’s Greatest Hobby program, owns The Round Hill Store, a train store in Connecticut. One of his customers is a producer from Fox and Friends, a national morning television show on the Fox News Channel cable network. John often talked with the producer about the fun and fascination of model trains. He must have done a great job, because on August 14, 2003, he will be given a guest spot on Fox and Friends to demonstrate how simple it is to get started in model railroading.

    For the interview John will bring along his portable HO scale 4 x 6 foot layout that will be featured the January 2004 issue of Model Railroader. John's segment will air at 6:30AM EDT. Consult your local listings for the Fox News Channel in your area. To learn more about John’s train company, visit his Web site at
  2. Sempak

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    I get FOX news with Fox and Friends in Australia on Foxtel cable. Any idea how far behind the shows are? I have a feeling they're in real time so I'll adjust for the time zones and hopefull catch the show.
  3. Tyson Rayles

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    The only fox we have around here are the 4 legged furry kind.
  4. Sempak

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    We've got pleny o dem chicken stealers here too.

    We also have the hybrid fire optic/coax kind!
  5. rcwatkins

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    lol. What stations DO you get. I get the whole kit n' kaboodle cept for the WB. The only train stuff I've seen on TV was on RC hobbies which was Geeeee scale & DCC. They didn't tell me too much about DCC.
  6. Clerk

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    I get FOX but need the time.

    Just caught the date, Aug. 14th. To late now. Never mind
  7. Sempak

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    A friend of mine told me about a program called Billionaire Toys which had a special on some guy who's layout was three stories high with tens of miles of track in a huge building. HAs anyone else seen or heard about thsis?

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