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Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by Pad39A, Jun 21, 2009.

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    Hi guy's,
    this is my first post so bare with me. Everything you see in this photo I created myself and it was not no easy task. The Moble Launch Platform was put together in two sections with two exhaust ports and with hoses installed inside for sound suspression water system. The pad I built has a flame trench and two transformers at the back for the night time lights. The rotating service structure I built (RSS) can fit around the shuttle nice and tight that also has lights. The oxygen vent hold and orbiter access arm are both remotely controlled by a two channel radio with lights installed in the orbiter access arm, water is also pumped through the launch platform using windsheild washer pump that sits at the back of the pad, I have shared and sent photos to Canadian and American Astronauts including John Glenn, I have done night time launches.
  2. David H

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    That's awesome, what's the scale?

    Sound suppression... ?

  3. Pad39A

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    opps!! spelling mistake...yes sound suppression. The Space Shuttle I bought myself and painted it myself and modified the top of the tail fin, if you look very carefully you'll will see. This is Estes Space Shuttle/the launch pad is fairly big in size. The launch tower is held in place with four drop bolts and the crawlerway incline or ramp is held in place with two bolts and can be removed for storage. I was thinking or day dreaming lastnight in bed of how I can upgrade it with new improvements in honour of the Space Shuttle. I cant remember the scale of the Space Shuttle itself but I can tell you this>> The pad is about the same size of a double size bed.
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    bounce7Love it!!! Please do a video
  5. WeeVikes

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    That is really, really cool!

    When I was in college I built the 1/144th scale plastic model of the FSS, RSS, MLP, etc. I've also built a couple versions of the Estes Space Shuttle.

    One of my latest projects was to turn the Delta 7 Space Shuttle Discovery and the ET/SRBs at Jon Leslie's site into an "Estes Clone" as I have no idea where to get the original anymore.

    So, my question for you is how you are able to accomodate the fin units that stick out below the SRBs? Obviously they can't be seen in your model, but you must be using them, right?

    Again, very, very cool. This is giving me evil thoughts... ;-)

  6. Retired_for_now

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    Wow - gonna need a blockhouse when that launches!
  7. Gideon

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    I don't know what scale it is but Dr. Zooch has a Space Shuttle model rocket kit available and I believe there are others out there too that a little Googling should readily uncover...
  8. WeeVikes

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    Thanks for the link.

    I'd seen Dr Zooch's kit before -- it's pretty cool. I guess I wanted to see if I could take up the challenge to do another conversion, although I admit to "borrowing" virtually all of Estes' design/engineering when "designing" my model.

    I may have to look into some of the good Dr's kits sometime. I really like his product line and his sense of humor.

  9. Pad39A

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    You know it be nice if they design these shuttle's so that you dont need the fin inserts. I remember back on NASA TV in 1993 or 1994 nasa engineers helped build PAD39C at a High School in Florida and the Space Shuttle was called Explorer and it was a big scale shuttle, with Robert Crippin on hand for the first time to watch the launch and to autograph the shuttle and their were no fin inserts. And I thought to myself and to this day why dont they design these Estes Space shuttle`s in such a way that you dont need the fin inserts at all. To be honest I really dont like the inserts at all...
  10. Pad39A

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    When I was building the tower and RSS I made certain their was enough clearance so the shuttle and fins dont hit anything during launch. Safety came first when I was building this pad. At first I wanted to build a pad out of concrete but unfortunately this aint my own property to build on..but perhaps someday it will happen but not now.Anyhow yes I hate the freaking fins like passion it spoils the whole idea. On a quick note!! their was a few times that I gave up in building this. The first four rods were very frustrating for the tower and then I slid wooden sleezes to hold the rods in place and then the center long wood was put into place and then a square cap at the top to hold everything intact and so I could install the hammerhead crane that swivels 360 degrees. And then I inserted the shorter rod so I could start building the RSS. With the help of the Moble launch platform that was already built I was able to build the RSS using the measurements of width of the platform. I believe I spent 3 months to a year to get everything completed for the time I had, I did my own electrical wiring for the lights on the pad... and god it is so real at night with one flood light on for extra brightness.. you feel like you are really there.

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