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    hello all :
    I received this letter from the above mentioned website, has anyone ever heard of these guys and what do you think of their information.

    "Sometimes, it's all about the tools! Isn't it?

    Usually the difference between a pro and an amateur
    is basic training, practice, and then... tools.

    I don't know about you, but when I was starting out a
    good list of tools would have been very worthwhile.
    And, I've found such a list for you. Check it out:

    Now, listen to my disclaimer... this isn't a 3 week course
    on tools, nor is it a substitute for the proper knowledge.
    But it IS a GREAT list of tools.

    And there's photos... Isn't life great?

    Talk soon,


    Oh, and if you want to learn more about using these tools,
    check this one out too:

    Have fun!

    Solomon Websites

    Box 2124
    Cochrane, AB

    If you no longer wish to receive communication from us:

    To update your contact information:"

    What do you guys think??????
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    i think, that he is sending you spam
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