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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Dad&Son RR, Jan 20, 2006.

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    Hello Everyone,

    This christmas my son got a playschool GEO-Motion train set and he plays with it none stop, The only drawback is it is battery operated so we have already gone though like 12 AAA batterys. Well its been about 12-15Yrs. sence I have been active in this hobby, I grew up with an HO set I once had a 8'x16' layout with 5 loco's, 45 rolling stock cars, Structures, & secnery. The sad thing is I no longer have any of these things shortly after I got married along came the yard sells.

    I have been reading though and looking at the posts here and am very excited about things I read and see an it has got me thinking it is time to get active again:) . I need some help with finding good/reputible online sellers with a wide selection of HO & N scale to select from I ask this because the hobby shops around me have all gone out of buisness or just closed up so the next best thing buy from the internet.

    Thank you all for any help you can give me know and in the next coming weeks,months, and so on,I look forward to reading and seeing more photo's.
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    :wave: welcome to the gauge :wave: hobbies usa is good
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    Welcome to The Gauge :wave:
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    yes, welcome to one of the world's most enjoyable hobbies!!! :) :wave:
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    Hi Dad, and welcome to the Gauge. There are probably a few hundred places on the net to get what you want. Maybe ten or twenty percent of them are the ones you want to deal with. I like to deal with those that have landlines and I can call to check stock and give them my credit card # without fear of it being hijacked. Yeah, I may be a bit paranoid, but I grew up in the brick and morter era and feel more comfortable there.

    Walther's is a great place to get just about everything you can imagin, Trainworld is another. Brooklyn Locomotive Works has every loco imaginable in both scales. 4N scale obviously deals in N scale only. Standard Hobbies is another I've delt with.

    I'm sure others here have some of their favorites as well.
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    Welcome aboard!!! :wave:

    Walthers is a good place to start off with online ordering. They don't generally offer discoutns (and once you get the hang of things this will become a factor) but their online catalog in second to none and they are completely trustworthy. I don't mind the idea of ordering online but if I cannot fondle before I buy, then I at least have to see a photo - and Walthers has photos of pretty much everything they sell.

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    announce1 Welcome, welcome, welcome! Hope you find all the information you need, right here! :wave: :wave:

    I work in a hobby shop, and I have always supported my local hobby shops. I never used online sellers, so can't recommend one.

    online....... wall1

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