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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Wyomingite, Mar 9, 2004.

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    Hi Gang,

    The Model Power mike comes with all the bells and whistles on but the Kato looks better once you have those buggers installed. For anyone with any type of grades this loco is not for you. Mine pulls eight cars but adding two more its plum out of steam. All my five Kato mikes did about the same but adding the traction tires made a world of difference. It has a very high noise level and sounds like its grinding corn. Hopefully that will go away with more break in time. It does have a good slow speed and no wobbles or shakes like some of the Bachmanns did. So far no news as if traction ties will come to be but if they do I know I would'nt be able to install them myself. Its no simple drop in like the Katos. I'm hoping Model Power does address some of the problems there new steamers have as we surely need more good steamers. Ron :wave:
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    I've been curious as to how people have liked these for a while, and if they do come out with the traction tires for these, I might just purchase one... katos are a little bit out of my price range when it comes to steam (and that Con-Cor Big Boy I can see nothing but the price tag and heard some mediocre things about it)

    This info has certainly helped in my decision to hold off for now, much appreciated

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