Model Power HO Flextrack and trains

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by slekjr, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. slekjr

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    This may have been covered somewhere but to search the search is too time consuming so I apoligize in advance.
    Has anyone used the Model Power flextrack lately with the plastic ties and could you compare it to the atlas track. I see there is a considerable difference in price and one of my volunteers was asking about it.
    Also I am curious about the new die cast metal line that Model Power is producing. Anyone have any of these cars or Locomotives that would like to comment.
  2. yellowlynn

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    I have both Atlas and Model Power flextrack on my layout, and where which one is, I couldn't tell you. They are the same to me. I can't tell any difference. All I have is code 100.

  3. CRed

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    I have had a few of the metal cars and they're pretty nice.I would switch out the couplers for Kadees,but other then that I liked them.

  4. slekjr

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    Thanks for the information guys. I'll pass it along to Marty. Might even someday try it myself.
  5. nachoman

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    i used some MP flex when I was a kid...and had no problems with it. I remember there used to be both brass and N/S and the N/S had more of a "dull" color as opposed to the really shiny atlas. Or maybe I am thinking of the old bachmann steel track. I dunno.

  6. MadHatter

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    Model Power Flex track is the same as Bachmann, since MP has some sort of a licence with them, if you look under their points it says Life Like too. Their building kits come from a manufacturer in Germany- Piko.

    I've used it and it works fine for me, just battle a bit with their railjoiners though.

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