Model Of The Week: Thompson Machine Pistol

Discussion in 'Everything else' started by PaperAir, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. PaperAir

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    after buying my first bought model of a 1942 m1a1 thompson smg i looked around the web for pictures of other thompson guns and came across the one i wanted to build. auto_ta5.jpg
  2. PaperAir

    PaperAir Active Member

    i started with the 50 drum mag

    Picture 132.jpg

    Picture 133.jpg [/ATTACH]
  3. PaperAir

    PaperAir Active Member

    i need a better camera then a web cam it needs filler and sanding before paint.
  4. PaperAir

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  5. PaperAir

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  6. bezelbub

    bezelbub New Member

    very nice! Even with the webcam pics you can see the attention to detail

    are you making plans as you go?
  7. PaperAir

    PaperAir Active Member

    not on this one plus its not my design as far as the gun it self is concern.I,m modfing an ecard model the 1942 M1A1 Thompson smg. the 50 mag drum is being built off of blue prints i found off of the unofficial tommy gun page.It,s a great resorce for blue prints.I,m thinking of making an other drum mag with a the inners that one I,ll make plans for.
  8. PaperAir

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    026.jpg got some more done better pictures better camera
  9. PaperAir

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  10. PaperAir

    PaperAir Active Member

    anyone have any sugestions on a type of puddy or filler I can use for the gaps and to smooth over the seams
  11. Patron_zero

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    Mind your experiences and results may differ from mine but I've had fairly acceptable results with making my own 'filler' paste.

    Try mixing dry corn starch with any water based adhesive, white glue, wood glue, etc, pretty much need to 'eyeball' the ratio of dry to wet as to get a desired consistency.

    Finely shredded newsprint dissolved into warm water and laundry detergent makes a nice 'goop' too, just skim-strain out the damp mush and press out any excess water. This is an old school recipe for making insulation 'putty' for sealing gaps around drafty window frames but works (and sands) great as a Bondo-type body filler for modeling applications.
  12. PaperAir

    PaperAir Active Member

    that sounds great i,ll mix some up and thank you.
  13. PaperAir

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    003.jpg I wasn,t to happy with the magazine so I,m building a new one with the inner workings and a removable lid
  14. dkaniel

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    WOW! You have an excellent eye for detail and I love your level of skill and craftsmanship, please keep posting more pictures as you progress
  15. Mousemuffins1

    Mousemuffins1 Member

    Cool. I did one of these earlier. Great job on the drum. I've been meaning to get around to building the older version with the drum and vertical grip, but as it's an almost completly different weapon, would require an complete redesign.

    I made quite a few detail changes to mine, like changing the ejection port, reshaping the barrel and doing some serious modification to the stock.
  16. PaperAir

    PaperAir Active Member

    thank you your build is the one that inspired me to do this one.I hope mine comes out half as good as yours .Your right i,ll have to redesign most of the model.That is why I feel lucky to come across a lot of really detailed blue prints.Thank you again and I hope you enjoy the build.And thank you too dkaniel hope you enjoy this too.I try to suplly as many photos as I can.
  17. PaperAir

    PaperAir Active Member

    thklh.jpg 001.jpg It,s geting there i see i have to tweek it here and there.change the deflector a little and curve the arms on the rotor
  18. PaperAir

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  19. PaperAir

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    006.jpg got some work on the receiver done going to Finnish the receiver and work on the barrel next.
  20. Squirrel-

    Squirrel- New Member

    you are just too talented.

    go do beta builds for uhu.

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