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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by the4ce, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. Vortex_4200

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    Save the papermodel universe from the dunecats!!!sign1
  2. Wonderfully worded
  3. the4ce

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    Thank you Legion and TheSarge! Booth ideas are very good. :thumb:

    And I will make a mini crysknife from a dunecat's teeth to cut the parts with. sign1

    ooh, forgot about that.
  4. the4ce

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    Question: If I add "© 2010 Some rights reserved" to the papercraft is it all right? I should have some right over it, but not all the rights. For example: I don't have the rights to sell it, but I should have the rights to be credited for it and to distribute it the way I want or I don't have any rights?

    Answers please? Copyright has always been one of my main problem when building a paper model. :cry:
  5. legion

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  6. Millenniumfalsehood

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    You should add, "Artwork and model (c) 2010 by (your name), all rights reserved. Dune (c) (whenever) by (whoever owns the rights nowadays), used without permission." to the bottom of as many pages as you want.
  7. the4ce

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    Thank you for the reply Legion. I wanted to release it under a CC license, but I don't think I can put some restrictions when it comes to distribution of the work with it.

    Thank you for the suggestion Millenniumfalsehood. I think I will use this, but without "all rights reserved" and "used without permision" because I have to include who owns Dune and the movie and they have long names.
  8. CC lets you choose the kind of license to use in your works.
    That's a very good guide, and you can be specific at some characteristics.

    For example, if you don't allow a commercial distribution of your kit (others profiting from the sale of it) you can choose a kind of license.
    The same if you allow or not derivative works (like repainting).

    Since the spice harvester is not an original idea of yours, and it's based on another person's design, you could not make profit from this paper harvester (unless you've bought the rights to reproduce it from the movie company or Mr. Lynch, or whoever owns the rights to it).

    As for the "Dune owned by..." legal details come to play.
    An illustrative article on that can be found here:
    It is a good reading to be used as a guide in this kind of cases, even if it deals with fanart of movie characters, but the same issues can be applied to the harvester you are making.

    At the end of that article there's a couple of useful and more detailed links about (c). It may look a bit messy at first, but is not once the small details are understood.

    To summarize:
    The harvester is (c) Universal Pictures / David Lynch /whoever owns it today)
    The paper model of the harvester is an intellectual creation you made, based on the original movie harvester.

    Though you don't own the original design of the harvester, nothing prohibits that you make a "fanart"/"fanmodel" of it. You cannot claim copyright on it, and cannot profit from the sell of it (that would be illegal in most of the countries).

    You can freely distribute your model, as long as you don't profit from it and the company allows it to be distributed. Most probably they will never sue you or will never request that you cease to share it.

    Since you are not a licensee, and you haven't bought the rights from the (c) owners, you don't necessarily need to put "Dune is (c) 1983 by ... " or whatever. Legally licensed products do it because they are bound by law to put the notice. The (c) notice in some toys can be very long because of that.

    But since your work is a derivative/fanart product, it's not the same. You are not obliged to do it. However, recognition of the source is an ethical value. And you already have shown in this thread your concern about it. Maybe instead of a long (c) notice, just a line stating "This model was inspired by and based on the movie "Dune" (1984) by David Lynch-Universal Pictures" will be enough. It gives proper recognition.
    Notice that the name of Frank Herbert is not even mentioned here because he didn't design the harvester. The movie was based on his novel, but the mechanical designs were made by other people.

    I hope this is not too confusing.
  9. the4ce

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    Thank you for helping.
    Ok, let's see...

    Here is what I have now at the bottom of the introduction page of my model:

    If I can't claim copyright that means that "Artwork and model © 2010 SC" has to go? Do I have the right to put those distribution restrictions? I didn't put it on a CC license because I don't think I can put some restrictions when it comes to distributing the work(see the image).

    Edit: I forgot to add the harvester at "Dune movie © 1984"
  10. davitch

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    Looks good to me. AFter downloading as many models as I have you what you have sounds pretty standard and to the point.
  11. the4ce

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    Thank you for the reply Davitch.

    Ok...I think I will upload the model these days, hopefully on 5 Sep. I have done all(I hope) the details regarding the model. I just hope that the copyright part is good...I am not sure if I am mistaking with "Artwork and model © 2010 SC". I have read lots of times the About Copyright and Fan Art article on deviantArt that niebla de fuego gave me and I am still confused about that. Please someone correct me if I am wrong.
  12. the4ce

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    Finally done!

    You can now download it: link

    Hope you like it. :D

    THANK YOU for ALL your help and support. :D
  13. Great!

    Will download right now :)
  14. ThunderChild

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    Downloaded. Looks really good! Nice job! Love the cover page! :D
  15. the4ce

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    Thank you. I am glad you like it. :D I wanted something good.
  16. Vortex_4200

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    Awsome as soon as I finish my current project I think I'll build this, are you going to make anything else from dune?
  17. blaar

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    Thank you for sharing your model. Love it.
  18. the4ce

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    Thank you.

    If you build it Vortex please share some photos if you can. ;)
    I don't know if I will make something else, maybe, maybe not...I was thinking on a Carryall, Sandworm or a thopher
  19. legion

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    Do the Carryall! a Diorama of one hotdropping a Harvester must be sweet.
  20. ThunderChild

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    Carryall or a thopter! :D

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