Model of the Week: Another 1/4 scale Merc..the journey begins

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by Closet Astronaut, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. peter taft

    peter taft Senior Member

    This is GORGEOUS in the EXTREME ! well you know what i think about it over the other side, but here i will certainly give you one of these :goldcup: :thumb:
  2. dlazarus6660

    dlazarus6660 New Member


    I was wondering if there was going to be an 1/4 scale Apollo CM/SM-LM?
    I hope you follow up with a 1/4 scale Shuttle.:mrgreen:
  3. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I think you could get a fortune for this model, it is incredible.

  4. A 1/4 shuttle!!!!! WHOA, I'd have to build that in the back yard, I think my wife would have me committed if I started on something like that.

    PaperAir has talked about designing a 1/4 Gemini next and posting files around December and moving on to a 1/4 Apollo cm.
  5. Big Al

    Big Al Member

    1/4 Scale

    You are bringing back lots of memories!......When I was a kid my dad had several models that he had built mostly aviation but also Space program stuff, and lived, ate and breathed Moon program!...

    Good Stuff!!!!
  6. jgderuvo

    jgderuvo Member

    Fantastic. I'd love to see a tutorial on how you did it.
  7. jgderuvo

    jgderuvo Member

    1/4 Gemini, definitely!

  8. I don't know about a tutorial but there's alot more detail of the building process on the papermodelers site, I could upload alot more pics per post there, I mostly posted finnished parts here.
  9. jgderuvo

    jgderuvo Member

    Cool. Gotta link?

  10. mpayton

    mpayton New Member

    over the past two months I have been teaching myself the art of paper modeing and having a blast. I have been looking into some more historic stuff that I could make for schools and such and this caught my eye - what a wonderful build - I am looking for something from the gemini project, but have been disapointed so far with (for fee) sites or just plain too simple. This work though is stellar. :thumb:
  11. Hang in there a while...another builder-(Paperair-Paul) is designing a 1/4 Gemini, he may be posting files come November.

    Still.. a 1/4 Gemini? Here are some size comparisons, both of these are Ton's 1/48. The photo with the astronauts- this is what a 1/4 Gemini would look like.

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